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Now Cut Away Everything Else by June Simon Stoelzel LMFT

Now Cut Away Everything Else by June
Simon stoelzel LMFT

Feelings are Primary Process from the word,
Primitive. Thoughts are Secondary Process which is Logic. Making sense of
symptoms that impact relationships with others and ourselves help to eliminate
the ‘crazy’ feelings when we react to events that are negative or seem out of
control. Unlike logic, feelings never mature/grow up but our identification of
the underlying issue which brings the feeling to consciousness can be an
enormous help bringing our reaction and assessment to logic and to the
facilitation of coping skills. Through the process of identifying the impact of
ones reaction on a scale of 1-10, and labeling the issue we can decide if we are
over-reacting, and think of possible response choices so that we can handle
things at our best.The following issues are most common.

An example would be Road Rage- being cut off, stalled in traffic, or driving
behind someone slow. Choices vary from various forms of anger and putting
oneself in danger to patience and choosing to ‘let it go’. Through the use of
coping skills one fees better ,more powerful, and pleased with oneself.
Continued use of coping skills becomes integrated and helpful in every area of
life. As a therapist with a speciality in Sex Therapy I saw that sexual
difficulties that were not medical in nature were caused by underlying

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