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Nice Guys Finish First by Doug Sandler

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Nice Guys Finish First by Doug

About The Book:

The companies that win today understand the importance of having
systems in place to provide exemplary service, making people a priority over
products, putting the client experience at the top of the list and valuing
relationships over technology. Successful businesses approach the future with an
attitude of high touch over high tech. Nice Guys Finish First provides stories,
lessons, concrete takeaways and action items. The reader will go beyond finding
out why nice guys finish first and discover how to be successful using the
lessons provided. The book walks the reader down a path to becoming a student of
Sandler's system: Invest, Inspire and Execute.

The chapters break the system down into smaller pieces, guiding the reader
through practical application and lessons about leadership, technology,
consistency, trust and empowerment. In addition, the book examines the
importance of developing a culture of happiness, creating a positive attitude,
effectively dealing with failure, managing a better life and mistakes to avoid
on the road to success.

Nice Guys Finish First is designed for the reader to make changes
Action items at the end of each chapter provide a starting point for creating
key changes in daily activity and a plan for moving forward.

By reading Nice Guys Guys Finish First readers will:
1. Understand not only why nice guys finish first but also HOW to be nice and
finish first.
2. Develop great habits that will allow the reader to develop great
3. Achieve personal and professional goals while maximizing performance.
4. Become an effective leader while building lasting relationships.
5. Learn how to maintain a positive attitude, be happy and stay in control of
your professional and personal life.


About The

Written by an entrepreneur with over 30
years of experience building a successful business as a professional speaker,
writer, entertainer and social media influencer, Doug brings his passion and
lifestyle of being a Nice Guy to the pages of Nice Guys Finish First. Not only
does the book tell Doug's story, but he provides the lessons he learned
along the way. Doug's popular writings can be found on Huffington Post, and
on his website at Doug graduated with a journalism degree in
1986 from the University of Maryland. His customer service style of being Mr.
Nice Guy has become legendary as a part of how he has serviced well over 3,000
clients since graduating from college. As an entertainer, a career changing
performance in 1992 was at the foundation of Doug's Nice Guy system of
Invest, Inspire and Execute. Since then, Doug has realized the importance of
putting relationships before products and services. His clients couldn't
agree more. This is Doug's first book and he is excited to bring his system
to readers in every industry and every position.

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