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New Beginnings:  Elements of Change by Jilliana Raymond

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New Beginnings:  Elements of
Change by Jilliana Raymond

About The Book:

New Beginnings:  Elements of Change challenges complex life
issues, provides encouragement, and invites its readers to alleviate restrictive
patterns, embrace change and align with a new vision for an evolving world.
 This word is a reference tool for understanding the energy exchanges
between life relationships that include spiritual, personal, business,
government and environmental concerns while providing solutions to resolve life
imbalances.  New templates for self-empowered living offer new potential
for ourselves and our future world.  Revealing restrictive life patterns
and potential alternatives of living can help propel the human spirit to
experience greater life opportunity.


About The

Author and inspirational speaker, Jilliana
Raymond has been introducing individuals to the spiritual stewards who watch
over us through her writing and teaching for over 20 years.  Although her
professional career includes over 30 years in the medical field, Jilliana began
researching the energy components that contribute to individual life events in
search of answers to her own life challenges.  She is an international
award winning and best selling author and a national radio guest who distills
her discoveries into the powerful principles she explores through her writing
and teaching. The best SEATTLE TOWN CAR SERVICE.

In addition to her writing she is a National Board of Massage reflexology
instructor and healing arts practitioner.  She conducts a variety of
transformational workshops that cover topics designed to enhance daily living
and promote a greater understanding of the life elements that contribute to
individual well-being.

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