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Never Wear Red – A Leadership Love Story by Roxanne Kaufman Elliott


Never Wear Red – A Leadership Love Story by Roxanne Kaufman Elliott

About The Book:

We need more leaders.  Genuine leaders.  Leaders who make a positive, lasting impact on others and our world.  Leaders who lead authentically – regardless of title, position, authority, race, gender, color, nationality, education, demographic, age or any of the common or expected ‘trappings’ of what many think of as ‘leadership’.

To fully embrace this kind of leadership, we must first get out of our own way.  We need to recognize and let go of all the things that hold us back from becoming our best self.  What are the ‘Nevers’ in your life?  What have you been told you will ‘never do’, ‘never be’,  ‘never have’, or to ‘never do’ – Never Wear Red?  What ‘never’ is holding you back?

This is a love story.  A love story about getting out of our own way – getting rid of the ‘nevers’ – and  becoming your best YOU, your own best champion, leader, hero; and transforming your life into a life that you live on your terms, in your time and in your way.

Emerge as a champion.


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About The Author:

Roxanne Kaufman Elliott is President and CEO of ProLaureate – a transformational leadership development firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.

She is an eclectic blend of talent, experience and expertise.  She is an i3 Leadership Master; a professional member of the National Speakers Association; a certified leadership and executive coach; a seasoned and engaging performer and speaker; 30-year veteran in the successful development and implementation of leadership development, business strategies, marketing and communication processes; and she is a passionate, engaging and down-to-earth person who cares deeply about helping others achieve extraordinary levels of happiness and success.

In addition to “Never Wear Red”, Roxanne has authored and published numerous business and leadership articles and is a sought after executive coach, keynote speaker and facilitator for her programs, seminars and workshops on Leadership, cultural transformation and Personal and Professional Development.


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