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Motivational Press Announces The Release of Winners Give Up! by James J. Maioho


James J. Maioho is pround to announce the release of the book Winners
Give Up!, to be released by Motivational Press. James J. Maioho finds
inspiration from This book draws inspiration from personal experience, 25
years of interpersonal business practice in sales, marketing and management,
coupled with more than 350 site visits as a turn around consultant..

In the words of Amazon, Insightful, quick read that gives a good
perspective on what you need to give up to become better at what you do, want to
do, or simply be a happier person. James provides great annaolgies with
referenced book titles if you want to delve deeper into the topic. As an
example, the topic of “Winners give up time travel” he offers a great
perspective on how Facebook is used, by some, to only live in the past. He
continues with what living in the ‘now’ can benefit you and provides a refence
to Eckhart Tolle’s book on the subject.

In an engaging interview, James J. Maioho can discuss: 

Self improvement. Success Habits, Sales coaching, turn around coaching. Team
bulding. Change Strategy and a number of other related subject matter.

said, .

Inspirational Insights into the habits needed to accomplish…ANYTHING!

Inspirations for those who want to be “The best possible version of

Winners Give Up! is a catalyst to thought, reflection and inspiration.

This book is meant to be read and re-read, Certain Chapters will make sense
different times. as your situation changes, other chapters may make sense.
is a book of hope and practicality and inspiration.

To schedule an interview with James J. Maioho, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

James J. Maioho is a
Business owner and Regional Director for the fastest growing environmental

Studied Music at Western Michigan University honors college.

Graduate of The Musicians Institute, Los Angeles CA. and Aquinas

He is a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor, certified Business Analyst.

A member of the HCAM Legislative Advisory Committee. sits on the ABC
affairs committee and donates time and training to West Michigan Minority

But most importantly, a full time single Dad of two lovely daughters.


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