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Motivational Press Announces The Release of When Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again by Hogan Hilling


Hogan Hilling is proud to announce the release of the book When Divorce
Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again, to be released by Motivational
Press. Hogan Hilling finds inspiration from A book of hope for
divorcees. The book points out how divorce should not be viewed as a detriment
to marriage or an indictment of a parent’s character because there are many
legitimate reasons why divorce is a viable option for a married couple with an
unhealthy marriage. Furthermore, there is a bright side to divorce, which is
reinforced throughout the book from the first page of the Introduction to the
last page of the final chapter titled, “My new successful life.” .

In the words of Ron Finklestein, International Author , It is not
that relationships stop working, some will. It is what you do when you reach
that point. Life is about relationships and most of us have not been taught how
to deal with tough relationship and traumatic breakups. If you are going
through a tough relationship, this is a must read. You will realize that you are
not alone and there are things you CAN do mend when coming out of a bad
relationship, not just a divorce.

In an engaging interview, Hogan Hilling can discuss:

how to win the divorce process with integrity and move forward to a new
fulfilling, happier, healthier and successful life as a single person.

Dana H., Single Mother said, Hogan’s continued support & sound advice
during the divorce process was instrumental in turning my life around for the
better. What I appreciated most was his insightful “Mr. Miyagi” wisdom, his
caring knack to hold me accountable for my actions, and encouragement to create
a healthier, happier & successful life as a single person. He has also helped me
understand the incredible difference in the way that men think and approach
relationships. I have been able to take my more confident self and begin a
healthy new relationship. Everyone needs a “Mr. Miyagi”! .

Instead of a rush to judgment, feeding pessimism and despair When Divorce Do
Us Part provides sound optimistic advice on how a spouse can stay emotionally
fit during the divorce process; a stream of emotional support, helpful services
and valuable resources to help build a new healthy life after divorce; and
inspiration for a spouse to take control of his or her new life. In essence,
the book helps a spouse view divorce through a prism of hope that will
eventually lead to a brighter future as a single, free, happy and magnificent

To schedule an interview with Hogan Hilling, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Hogan Hilling is the Divorce Guru, and author of a revolutionary book about divorce “When
Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again”, (Motivational Press, 2013).
Hilling has appeared on Oprah and ABC’s Documentary The Story of Fathers and
Sons. Hilling serves as a facilitator for the St. Andrews Divorce Recovery
Workshop in Newport Beach, California and speaker for the “Free to Love
Again” Divorce Recovery Program in Laguna Beach, California. Hilling is also
the founder of Divorce Guru, an exclusive consultation
membership based service for spouses in the divorce process. Divorce Guru’s
mission is to show a spouse how to win the mental game of divorce with


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