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Motivational Press Announces The Release of Unlock: The Secret World of Teenagers by Yaakov Rosenthal


Yaakov Rosenthal is pround to announce the release of the book Unlock:
The Secret World of Teenagers, to be released by Motivational Press. Yaakov
Rosenthal finds inspiration from Plenty of parents and educators admit that
they feel totally in the dark about what their teens are thinking.
Unlock: The Secret World of Teenagers uses handwriting to help parents,
educators, and teens themselves understand teens’ inner workings, while
creating space for teens to develop self-respect, introspection, communication,
and trust.
With Rosenthal’s few simple tools paired with compassion, the teen years can
be turned from a time of confusion and angst to one of positivity, openness, and

In the words of Mrs. Dena Gorkin, High School Principal, With all
the patience our teachers can muster, we sometimes find ourselves stumped for a
strategy. Enter Yaakov Rosenthal […], and a girl whom it might take us six
months to get through to is talking after 45 minutes!

In an engaging interview, Yaakov Rosenthal can discuss: 

Understanding Teenagers through their handwriting
Graphology: You in your andhandwriting
Handwriting and the correlation to personality

Rabbi Moshe Lieblich Headmaster of a Boy’s High School said,
Yaakov Rosenthal is a valuable asset to our students and staff. All of our
students feel a close bond with him, trust him and eagerly look forward to their
time together. Yaakov’s book is an amazing. It a great how to book. How to
relate and connect to all types of teenagers quickly. It is a most read for all

Unlock: The Secret World Of Teenagers
is a book about teenagers written by a
graphologist (handwriting analyst) and school counselor. Using handwriting
analysis as a tool to provide deep insight into their lives, Yaakov shares his
unique way of initiating conversations, building trusting relationships, and

Unlock: The Secret World Of Teenagers
is an insightful and mind expanding book.
The author’s approach is new and exciting.
Let us begin to unlock the secret world of

To schedule an interview with Yaakov Rosenthal, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Yaakov Rosenthal, certified graphologist and
life coach, coaches hundreds of teenagers annually. Since 1992, he has given
hundreds of lectures worldwide and has worked with psychologists, lawyers,
dating services, Fortune 500 companies, and more. He resides in Brooklyn,


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