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Motivational Press Announces The Release of The Healer Within Us by George Samuels


George Samuels is proud to announce the release of the book The Healer
Within Us, to be released by Motivational Press. George Samuels finds
inspiration from As healthcare prices increase, and explode, multitudes of
people have no coverage or cannot afford any, and divisive politicians try to
insure the disadvantaged won’t have any health services it is important that
people in a modern society such as the US learn more about their healthcare, and
healing needs that they can provide for themselves. We are experiencing an
unusual amount of side effects from pills, and modern medical services such as
pills and invasive surgical techniques so we need to look more to traditional
ways, and natural means..

In the words of George Samuels, Its time to realize it is our
responsibility to take charge of our own health, healing and wellbeing !

In an engaging interview, George Samuels can discuss: 

An appointment basis by contact in advance

said, .

The Healer Within Us, and its overview provides analysis to assist one in
understanding the source of our health and healing. The Healer Within Us offers
insight into the importance of understanding basic health and healing. This is
the 21st century, everyday technology, and the understanding of healing versus
modern medicine is being called into a question of what came first; the chicken
or the egg.
The Healer Within Us, tries to put healing, and your health into the right
perspective. You come first, you are in charge of your health, and healing, and
you can heal yourself!
The Healer Within Us explores and explains that our central focus is to
understand that the healer is within, and not outside of us. The Healer Within
Us explains that healing should include all of you (the whole you) in a
wholistic manner because any healing, and wellbeing is dependent on you as a
total person. Your healing includes the whole person, mind body, soul, and

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