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Motivational Press Announces The Release of SALES ROCKSTAR: How Top Producers Perform by Jeff Krantz


Jeff Krantz is proud to announce the release of the book SALES ROCKSTAR:
How Top Producers Perform, to be released by Motivational Press. Jeff
Krantz finds inspiration from Working with the industry’s top producing
sales professionals and gleaning from their insights, strategies and wisdom.

This book is a compilation of practical, actionable strategies that are being
executed by the best in the business..

In the words of Clark D. Brown, CWS, Executive Vice President, Cannon
Financial Institute, Sales ROCKStar is a must-read for every sales
professional. Jeff Krantz lays out actionable ideas and great insights while
wrapping them in a cleaver metaphor we can all relate to. Everyone wants to be a

In an engaging interview, Jeff Krantz can discuss: 

Sales, Customer Service, Client Loyalty, Sales Coaching, Leadership

Jeff Needham, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking and Wealth Management,
HSBC Bank said, Sales ROCKStar has the power to redefine a financial services
company into a dynamic sales organization. My team of bankers, wealth advisors
and mortgage consultants have realized the power of ROCKStar with increased
revenue, productivity and motivation attributable to Jeff Krantz’s


Sales ROCKSTAR was written for those who aspire to become Ultra Top Producers
in the profession of selling. It has been designed for those who desire the
lifestyle that only a successful sales career can afford.

What makes the message of this book unique from all others of its kind is how it
teaches the critical integration of the four distinct personality styles into a
proven consultative sales process. The result of this harmony is not only
top-of-the-charts sales production, but also a deep satisfaction for the client
and sales professional alike.

Selling is the greatest profession on the planet. If you can hear the encore of
the crowd, it’s time to answer their call, and join the ranks of the ROCKSTARS
who are restoring the fame and prestige to this great career that we call

To schedule an interview with Jeff Krantz, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Jeff Krantz lives each day with a deep sense
of purpose. He integrates his contagious enthusiasm for sales performance with
his experience of consulting Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class
training programs.

His unique speaking and training style is not only fun and entertaining but is
also saturated with proven strategies that send the participants of his seminars
and keynotes away with far more than they expected.


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Janet Carson

Chief Marketing Officer

Motivational Press


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