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Motivational Press Announces The Release of Raising High Achieving Kids by Elizabeth Olagunju


Elizabeth Olagunju is proud to announce the release of the
book Raising High Achieving Kids, to be released by Motivational
Press. Elizabeth Olagunju finds inspiration from my life as a parent, from my coaching practice and what I see
in every day experience of parents and their relationships to their kids.

In the words of Randi S Rubeinstein M.S. Public Health, Executive
Director, Education for Successful Parenting (ESP), I like books that
inspire and remind me of the bigger picture. It helps me stay on track with my
goals and keep a good perspective. That’s what this book does. And let’s face
it, frequent reminders about the big picture are very helpful while

Describing familiar concepts, the author has brought them to life with engaging
story-telling and backed them up with research. By virtue of the author’s own
background and the many people she quotes, the book also offers a rich
multicultural perspective. The conversational tone invites self-reflection. I
especially appreciated the author’s support for discipline, which did not
encourage corporal punishment, but rather a structure for setting goals and
boundaries. Overall, it was an uplifting book that gives sound advice to parents
who want to help their children reach their full potential.

Pastor Ellis Fagbami, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Media Channels Inc.,Zonal
and Senior Pastor, RCCG North America Zone said,
In this book, Raising High-Achieving Kids: Seven Ways to Enhance Your Kid’s
Future, Elizabeth Olagunju has addressed an issue that is at the top of the mind of parents around the world today –
what to do as a parent to ensure that your child stands out? Every parent desires to have their children at the top of the
class, and to be the best – in sports, the arts and in the sciences.
The problem is that many parents do not know where to start from and what role they can play to make their children
outstanding.  This book presents practical directions to parents on this important question.
The author deserves to be commended for this timely work which presents strategies with which parents can help their children become high-achievers. I endorse this book and wholeheartedly
recommend it to parents everywhere. As parents read this book and follow the counsel of the wisdom presented by the
author, and with God’s help, the stars of their children will be seen from
different parts of the world.

In an engaging interview, Elizabeth Olagunju can discuss:

-how to develop kids that have positive attitudes
-how to have a well balance work life while raising your kids
-how to focus on motivating your kids and develop result-oriented strategy on
discipline your kids.

About The Book.

Raising High Achieving Kids is a book that provides parents great information
and practical guides on the ever challenging role of parenting.
It states ways that parent can live a fulfilled life while raising high
achieving kids and gives supporting evidence from many parents who have raised
high achieving kids such as the mother of a governor.

To schedule an interview with Elizabeth Olagunju, contact Janet Carson
at 760-208-4990 or


About The

Elizabeth Olagunju is a parent, a science
teacher, a certified life coach and a licensed project manager. She is
passionate about helping people to achieve their goals, live fulfilled lives
and maximize their potentials. She is married and live in Florida with her
husband, with whom she raised four children.


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