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Motivational Press Announces The Release of Payoff! by Norman Ronne


Norman Ronne is proud to announce the release of the book Payoff!, to be
released by Motivational Press. Norman Ronne finds inspiration from 35
years experience in various types of audit, and currently living in
post-Apartheid South Africa. .

In the words of Justin Sachs, A fascinating glimpse at life in
post-Apartheid South Africa. Hard work and strong moral values can overcome
disadvantage in life to propel one to the top of your field.

In an engaging interview, Norman Ronne can discuss: 

Telephone: +27 453 1212
Skype: normisronne

Chris Baker said, A riveting and plausible story, the background is authentic
while the focus on developing integrity and personal values is sorely needed in
today’s world. The author has much experience of the world in which Payoff!
 is set, which adds to the authenticity of this gripping tale..

 Against all odds, Thulani Kepu rises from a previously disadvantaged
background to become a respected internal audit manager in a large corporation.
 When he discovers a fraud at his company, a series of events is set in
motion that turns his world upside down.
Set in post-Apartheid South Africa, this novel gives a vivid insight to the
world of internal audit in business, as well as organised crime. It is warm and
human, portraying personal integrity and family values.
It also touches on race and other social issues in South Africa in a very
positive way.

Payoff is a typically South African novel with a credible plot that comes from
the author’s personal experience in audit and life in South Africa.

To schedule an interview with Norman Ronne, contact Janet Carson at
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About The

Norman Ronne was born in Zimbabwe and has
lived in Zambia and Malawi before settling in South Africa.
A Chartered Accountant (SA), Norman took early retirement as a Director from
KPMG after 25 years’ service with that firm. During that time he had
experience in both external and internal auditing, specialized capital project
auditing and corporate governance services. After his retirement, Norman
consulted to companies with large capital projects. He now concentrates on
writing, which has always been his passion. He is the author of “Stretching
Your Rand – Principles and Help in Managing your Personal Finances”, “A
Resource Book on Christian Prayer” and “Finding Meaning in Later Life.”
These books have been self-published in South Africa. His recent novel,
“Payoff!” has been accepted for publication by Motivational Press.
Norman also has an M Theology degree from University of South Africa and has
undergone full-time theological training at the Baptist Theological College
where he graduated cum laude with a Diploma in Theology. He is currently a
part-time lecturer at that College. He is involved in a Christian church in
various capacities, and spends time assisting individuals in managing their
financial affairs, as well as in many other practical ways.
Norman is married to Isabell and has a daughter, with his son having passed away
in 2009. Norman and Isabell are both avid readers and love the outdoors and
nature. They are still active caravanners and love touring South Africa.


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