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Motivational Press Announces The Release of MY RELENTLESS LIFE by Andre Alexsen

Andre Alexsen is proud to announce the release of the book MY RELENTLESS LIFE, to be released by Motivational Press. 

Andre Alexsen finds inspiration from Through the school of hard knocks, letting God turn my life around and wanting to help others..

In the words of Roma Downey, "Many were inspired by Andre’s remarkable story when we shared it on our television series, Answered Prayers."

In an engaging interview, Andre Alexsen can discuss: 

Working in TV and Film with the most famous in Hollywood (Clint Eastwood, Spielberg, Hugh Hefner, Ron Howard, Angelina Jolie, James Cameron, Don Rickles Harrison Ford, Wolfgang Puck, and more), training with Military and AZ/Mexico border, training with the best Martial Artists in the world, working with Tupac the week of his murder, being arrested and turning life around by the grace of God, being delivered from crack cocaine and alcohol addiction, many near death life experiences, working with wild animals, global politics, relationship with God.

said, .

My amazing real life journey from a Hollywood stuntman/ stunt coordinator to being an American Patriot. Hitting bottom using drugs and alcohol, being homeless on the streets, then being delivered and becoming sober only by a miracle and by the grace of God and coming back up and working with our USA Military Special Ops and Dillon Mini-gun, AZ Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, and working undercover with LAPD, training with living legends in Self Defence and Martial Arts Grand Master Sensei Gokor Chivichyan to Sensei Benny "the Jet" Urquidez, Uncle Judo Gene Lebell, the Grandfather of Grappling. It also includes my many near death situations from parachute malfunctions, wild animal attacks, prison riots, to inside Vegas crime families, major auto wrecks, stunts gone wrong, beating a terminal cancer battle, working as a weapons/defense instructor, to real inside workings of Hollywood and their dirty secrets exposed; working with the biggest names from Spielberg to Ron Howard to Clint Eastwood, to preparing for modern day madness that is here, and more that is coming to America! To being forged in the fire of pain and training to become the host, stuntman, daredevil, and creator of "Adrenaline Man".

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