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Motivational Press Announces The Release of Hero by Vince McKee

Motivational Press Announces The Release of Hero by Vince McKee

Vince McKee is proud to announce the release of the book Hero , to be
released by Motivational Press. Vince McKee finds inspiration
from Hero Paperback Edition .

In the words of Jerry Mires The Sports Fix, Hero – The dictionary
defines a “Hero” as a person admired for courage, outstanding
achievements, or noble qualities. Vince McKee’s tale of teamwork defines a
group of underdog ballplayers and their coach as they come together, and find
those qualities inside themselves. In his rookie offering, McKee’s passion
spills onto the pages of this book, and weaves together a summer of baseball
days and nights, and life lessons that stretch far beyond. “Hero” set
the stage for Vince’s explosion onto the landscape of Cleveland sports
authors and previewed what was yet to come from one of the brightest up and
coming sports writers in America.

In an engaging interview, Vince McKee can discuss: 

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Ken Carma  92.3 The Fan Host said, “This book tugs heartstrings.
Showing the human spirit to rise and overcome challenges, and to lead others to
become better.”.

The story centers on the trials and tribulations a young man must encounter
when deciding to coach at such a young age. The story also shares the love of
the game and focuses on the dramatic season. I was given a group of children no
one else picked because they felt the boys were not talented enough. As a team
we grew together and bonded to become league champions. What makes this story
unique is that there has never been a book written about a man so young who
decided to take on a castoff team. It is a true underdog story that captures the
reader from the very beginning, giving them a reason to root for the main
character, as well as the team.
   The players themselves had to overcome amazing obstacles of
prejudice and mistreatment, not only on the field, but also in their personal
lives. Several players came from broken homes and it was the memories of that
summer that proved to be the best of their childhood. The story takes the reader
on a rollercoaster ride of a summer when believing in yourself, and each other,
would prove victorious against strong odds. This book is not intended solely for
sports fans; however it is intended for non-sports fans as well. The many
elements of human spirit would make it a must read for anyone looking to believe
in themselves or for those who simply enjoy feel good stories.

To schedule an interview with Vince McKee , contact Janet Carson at
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About The

Vince McKee is a growing force in the sports
literary world. His first four books Hero,Cleveland’s Finest,Jacobs Field
and the History of the Cleveland Cavaliers exploded onto the Amazon best sellers
list upon release. Vince currently travels the country meeting with the public
to spread the message of Hero. Vince is an avid Cleveland sports fan. Vince
enjoys spending time with his wife Emily and daughter Maggie. Vince is always
willing to speak with his fans and critics and can be contacted at, also you can follow him on twitter @ VinceTheAuthor. This
work is the latest in what is sure to be a long career in sports writing for one
of Cleveland’s finest.


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