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Motivational Press Announces The Release of A Father’s New Beginning by Lawrence Agresto


Lawrence Agresto is proud to announce the release of the book A Father’s New Beginning, to be released by Motivational Press. Lawrence Agresto finds inspiration from I was inspired to write “A Father’s New Beginning,” based on the death of
my wife Jody in May of 1995. As a result, I became a single father over night and was responsible for raising my two daughters – Lauren(12) and Julia (8). I hope to provide support, guidance and inspiration for fathers, single fathers and single parents alike.

In the words of Wayne Parker, Every now and again, I run across a
book that speaks to my deepest feelings about being a father. A Father’s New
Beginning by Lawrence Agresto was one of those books. Maybe my feelings are a
little tender because a good friend of mine lost his young wife and the mother
of his five children after an intensive, two week bout with lung cancer. But in
any case, for a father dealing with the loss of his partner and the mother of
his children, A Father’s New Beginning will be an important part of his
grieving, healing and recovery process as he charts a new course for his
Lawrence’s story seemed so familiar to me after living through my friend’s
recent loss. Lawrence’s wife Jody fell ill suddenly at home and less than 40
hours later had died at the hospital, leaving him with two daughters. In A
Father’s New Beginning, Lawrence shares the story of his wife’s life and death,
but clearly with the perspective not of earning sympathy but of sharing hope and
faith in the future. Jody’s story is woven throughout the book as Lawrence
explores ten key concepts and practices that helped he, Lauren and Julia
navigate the troubled waters that followed the death of his wife.
He begins with the root concept of courage and the need to face the
circumstances that life throws at us with determination. He talked about the
courage to get through the transition of the summer after his wife died and
preparing for the coming school year, juggling work, family and personal needs.
He speaks of the courage needed to enter the world of counseling and therapy and
about simply moving forward in faith.
In the chapter on vulnerability, we learn from Lawrence about the need to be
open to help, to sharing feelings and to being transparent to those who offer to
help and to our children. He writes openly about this struggle, reminding us
that while men have an innate challenge with appearing vulnerable, it is an
important skill to develop as a father grieving for the loss of his wife and
seeking to find a “new normal” in family life.
He speaks from the heart about his relationship with his own father and what it
taught him about being a father and how best to meet the needs of his daughters.
He writes about the change in the relationship with his girls, how he shifted
from disciplinarian to mentor, and how he found adult women neighbors to become
additional confidantes for his girls as they grew up.
In a moving chapter on showing love, Lawrence talks about the need to
consistently show love with touch, time and focus. He reminds us all of the
need to create new memories while still lovingly preserving the ones that
involved Mom. Additional chapters are equally relevant to fathers who have lost
their partners as he writes about security, self-reliance, respect and identity.
In my experience with two friends who lost their partners, he has covered all
of the important points that a father needs to consider in moving forward after
such a devastating loss.
Less the reader think that A Father’s New Beginning is so targeted at grieving
fathers that it has no relevance for the rest of us, I hope he will think again.
As a father who has been blessed by having the same wonderful companion for
more than 30 years, I still learned a great deal from this book. Reminding me
of the important components of being a committed father, with or without a
partner, has been a great service to me in having me think more deeply about
fatherhood and my roles as parent, provider and partner.
The Bottom Line
A Father’s New Beginning can be a life altering book, particularly for a father
who has experienced the loss of his wife and the mother of his children. I can
think of few things more devastating in life, but A Father’s New Beginning can
be an important part of the process of healing and moving forward. Laced with
personal experiences and stories, and offering solid, meaningful advice, A
Father’s New Beginning can and should be an important part of any new beginning
in a family’s life.

In an engaging interview, Lawrence Agresto can discuss:

being a single dad
loss, grief & tragedy
mentoring our children
remarrying & blended families

David Berryan said, I have learned from Larry that every one of life’s
experiences has the seed of opportunity for personal growth and discovery. His
approach to being a single father demonstrates how we can fulfill our
responsibilities to our children..

A Father’s New Beginning was written to provide support, guidance and
inspiration for fathers, single fathers and single parents. Through his book,
Larry is committed to making a difference in the world, one child at a time.

A Father’s New Beginning takes you on a heartfelt journey and learning
experience about how Larry made a difference in the lives of his two daughters,
so that you as a single father can learn how to develop similar results with
your children.

A Father’s New Beginning is not about single dads managing their career or
getting back out into the world of dating. It’s about the day-to-day
emotional challenges that a single father experiences in raising his

A Father’s New Beginning walks you through the key emotional and behavioral
attributes that a single father needs to focus on and learn to master allowing
him to guide his children to “be the best.”

Each chapter discusses through personal experience, examples and exercises how
we as single fathers and single parents can learn to become, not only loving
single parents but the mentor and role model we need to be to teach our children
the life lessons they need to learn to thrive in society and the world.

To schedule an interview with Lawrence Agresto, contact Janet Carson at
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About The

Larry Agresto was a single father for ten
years before he remarried in 2004. On May 20, 1995, Larry became a single
father literally overnight. His wife Jody and the mother of his two
daughter’s Lauren age 12 and Julia age 8, was rushed to the hospital on
Thursday night and pronounced dead on Saturday morning. She had not been ill,
so these turn of events were both a shock and tragedy for Larry and his

Although he wasn’t aware of this at the time, Jody was and her last spoken
words to him were “take good care of my girls.” Larry made a promise and as
a result, he committed himself to being the best single father he could be and
he made raising his girls a priority in his life. From 1987 to 2002, he has
also coached over three hundred (300) student athletes in town and travel league
basketball and softball.

He attempted to start Single Dads with Heart ( about
a year after Jody died but between his role as a single father and his career in
corporate America, he had to abandon his dream and project until now.

His two daughters are thriving young women today and went on to attend college,
Lauren at the University of Connecticut, where she received a BS in Biology and
Julia at the University of New Hampshire, where she received a BA in Journalism
and English.

Larry has created a radio show on WSMN 1590 out of New Hampshire entitled
Parenting Talk Radio. It is part of the “Nashua This Morning” radio


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