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Motivational Press Announces The Release of 4 Star Retirement-2 Star Budget by Jim Olson


Jim Olson is pround to announce the release of the book 4 Star
Retirement-2 Star Budget, to be released by Motivational Press. Jim Olson
finds inspiration from Reaching a healthy 80 years of age, married to a
wonderful wife for 59 years, with a secure financial plan, caused me to help
others enjoy what I have achieved.
I chose to document methods to accomplish what I have in an easy to follow
publication on retirement. The retirement needs of each of us vary, so the book
is designed to permit you to use only those suggestions which fit your
particular situation..

In the words of Katherine Olson Neal, Chamber of Commerce President,
Boardman, OR., “Here are the retirement principles my folks followed to
achieve an active, healthy and happy retirement. Now, 80 years old, solid
planning allows them to continue a life filled with friends, fun and

In an engaging interview, Jim Olson can discuss:

  •      How much money do I need before retiring?
  •       How should I invest to make my money last as long as I do?
  •       How much can I safely withdraw annually from my next egg during retirement?
  •       How can I supplement my retirement income?
  •       Where should I live in retirement?
  •       What type of home or dwelling should I consider?
  •       How can I keep taxes from hurting my retirement?
  •       How can I maintain my health in retirement?
  •       What are your suggestions for estate planning?

Anytime by appointment. Email me at

Robert Pearson, Industrial Engineering Mgr., General Dynamics, retired. said,
“The book is a ‘good read’ and a must have for anyone considering retirement.
Ways to meet financial, legal and social aspects of retirement are presented in
an easy and understandable manner.”.

The book introduces you to the needs for a successful retirement. Whether you
are 40 or 65, you need solid retirement decisions. With the guidance provided by
4 STAR RETIREMENT-2 STAR BUDGET, you can achieve your desired retirement
lifestyle. The book is designed with stand-alone chapters, allowing the reader
to focus on the most applicable retirement topics. The topics include; finances,
fun and recreation, cost controls, where to live and what type of dwelling,
travel, estate planning, income supplementing, health and much more.

To schedule an interview with Jim Olson, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Jim graduated Cum Laude from the University
of Washington Business School, as well as completing graduate studies in Real
Estate Management. His first retirement was as Financial Studies Manager from
U.S West Telco., with 28 years of service. He then began a 15 year career as an
entrepreneur and small business owner. Jim and Jean, his wife of 59 years,
originated and operated 3 real estate offices, in addition to several other
profitable small businesses. Although retired, he continues to assume
responsible roles within his community. He is a Board of Directors member of a
nationally recognized retirement community of 1200 residents, and he is an
advisor to the Area Agency on Aging and the Port of Olympia.


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