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Motivational Masters Interview with John Calia

Motivational Masters Interview with John Calia

John Calia,  CEO Coach and Leadership Development

My experience as a military officer taught me the fundamentals of leadership and the value of a forthright approach to managing any organization. These core values form the basis of my approach to my executive coaching practice and to the members of my Vistage group. Our group is committed to growing their businesses and to personal growth.

During my career, I have served as Chief Executive Officer of three entrepreneurial companies including a cloud computing provider, a healthcare service company and a corporation formed to roll up retail automotive services.

Currently, I act as a Chair in the Vistage Chief Executive Leadership Program. By assembling groups of non-competing CEO’s and business owners, I offer executive development, facilitating up to 16 CEOs and business owners from a diverse range of businesses for candid, challenging discussions, “what-if” scenarios and outside-the-box thinking.

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