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Meta-Trends and the Next economy by Mark Parrott


Meta-Trends and the Next economy by Mark Parrott

About The Book:

Know the Knowable Future
Meta-Trends and the Next Economy utilizes demographics to forecast the health of every economy/industry in the world. Meta-Trends allows you to know the knowable future i.e.
• Know which businesses should you start today
• Know which industries will survive and thrive in the next 15 years
• Know which areas of the economy are worth investing resources in
• Know future government trends from a threat perspective
• Know why past trends happened and were actually predictable

The future breaks down into threats and opportunities. Meta-Trends motivates you to plan better so that you don’t just survive, you thrive in the next 15 years.

Change is happening so rapidly in society that the need for reliable forecasts is paramount. It turns out that demographics are the single most powerful ingredient in forecasting what the future will look like.

Meta-Trends and the Next Economy, will answer the question: "What will the next five to fifteen years look like?" Among other topics, the book covers:
• Why we got into our current economic situation and what has to happen in order to get us out it.
• What is the future of taxation and regulation, and how does that impact not just medium-sized businesses but small and large.
• How to survive and thrive in these most challenging times.
• Are you or your customers future dinosaurs?
• How to prepare your business to ride out the economic storm—and there is always a storm!
• How to firewall your business against recession.
• Which investments make sense during these troubled times.
• Simple ways to protect your family and business 

Our approach is both easy to understand and to implement. As a former AM radio show host of "Money Talks," I am used to giving practical advice to both captains of industry and the average person. Readers of Meta-Trends and the Next Economy will take away tactical strategies to improve their net worth and the motivation to do so today. Most importantly, they will know how to protect their wealth and the health of their businesses in the next economy.


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About The Author:

I am a chair of Vistage International (, which organizes executive coaching and peer advisory groups; resource speaker; and CEO of my own middle-market company ( The minimum requirement to participate in a Vistage is heading a company doing at least $1 million in annual revenue; the average member does $52 million in revenue. In the role of facilitator and resource speaker for Vistage over the past seven years, as well as financial counselor to middle market business leaders for more than a decade, , I have presented to, directly counseled or surveyed over 6000  real middle-market CEOs.


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