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Me First Leadership: It’s Not What You Think! by Mike Lasday

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Me First Leadership: It’s Not What
You Think! by Mike Lasday

About The Book:

Embracing the fact that every leader’s journey is highly personalized
and that no two roles have identical leadership solutions, “Me First Leadership”
provides you with:

The twelve critical behaviors that, when consistently followed, will build your
credibility regardless of role.

A mechanism to objectively determine how your personal conduct affects your
current effectiveness.

Leadership tools that, combined with the core “Me First” behaviors, yield
exponentially greater results than others achieve using similar tools.

A method for demonstrating exceptional leadership capabilities and
differentiating yourself from others.

The framework in which you can create your own individualized leadership

Nine unique activities that will create your highly personalized and specific
leadership plan.

Regardless of where you are on your personal leadership journey, the “Me First
Leadership” construct takes you much further, far more quickly than you could
have ever imagined. “Me First” is your foundation to being a role model,
inspiring others and getting great things done.


About The

Mike Lasday enjoyed a nineteen year career
at Envision EMI, a leading provider of experiential leadership seminars for
young people all over the world. He was responsible (either directly or
indirectly) for the development of leadership curricula for elementary through
college level students that impacted the lives of over half a million people.

As a senior executive, he also was responsible for leading the leaders of an
ever growing organization through periods of tremendous change and growth as
well as creating and nurturing a corporate culture recognized nationally for
being a “great place to work.” During his tenure the company grew at an
unprecedented rate.

Over the course of his career, Mike has mentored countless “up and coming”
leaders through one-on-one interactions and intensive group seminars.

Mike currently is a leadership consultant working with both organizations and
individuals. He lives in North Potomac, Maryland with his wife Karen, daughter
Frances and son Josh.

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