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Mary Garner

Mary Garner
Inspirational Speaker

Miracles, journey to enlightenment, everyday angels who create a more peaceful
and loving world, seeking the positive in a negative media world, overall
inspiration and messages of hope.

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Mary Garner is a published author and dedicated philanthropist. Her work
includes a best selling book, The Hidden Souls of Words, and three workbooks on:
Anger, Love, and Forgiveness. In coordination, she has authored articles on
Anger and Violence Prevention.

Her writing career has been bolstered by her multiple avenues of study. Mary
holds degrees in religion and theology, clinical psychology, and international
law. Her diverse interests and the overarching desire to be of service have led
to teaching, human rights advocacy, counseling, disarmament negotiating, dispute
resolution, and global efforts of interfaith cooperation and peace-building.

Many life experiences have profoundly demonstrated to her how good can come from
what may look impossible on the surface. Her most recent book, Calling All
Angels; Taxi to a New Eden is inspired by mind expanding experiences and
coincidences that are powerful, uplifting, awe-inspiring and in certain
instances lifesaving.

In 1985, Mary established a foundation, HOPE, INC., which continues to address
both the material and spiritual needs of children and their caregivers. The
majority of the proceeds from her published work go to charitable programs.

She lives in Washington, DC and has three grown sons.

Previous Speaking Gigs

Interview with The Tennessean, Cover of local DC magazine: The Light

Taught classes in San Francisco. Written essays on anger, and forgiveness.

Book signings at Barnes and Noble in DC, Bethesda, and San Francisco.


Mary Garner, early on in this radiant book states, `Our greatest strength is
not in how much we differ from each other but in how much–how very much–we are
the same.' She is an observer of humanity, watching for signs of human
kindness, and having the faith that there is the possibility of a transformative
spirit accessible to each of us. Garner comes to this book well prepared,
holding degrees in religion, theology, clinical psychology, and international
law. Reading her fine book it becomes obvious that she maintains a strong desire
to be of service in teaching, human rights advocacy, counseling, disarmament
negotiating, dispute resolution, and global efforts of interfaith cooperation
and peace-building. Her other books I could find are `The Hidden Souls of
Words' and a book of fiction called `River Road' which seem to carry
the same degree of sensitivity and subject matter as this little book. Her
philosophical hero (at least one of them) seems to be logotherapist,
psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl (1905 -1997) whose experiences
led him to discover the importance of finding meaning in all forms of existence,
even the most sordid ones, and thus, a reason to continue living. Frankl became
one of the key figures in existential therapy and a prominent source of
inspiration for humanistic psychologists.

Garner's Introduction discusses the presence and the meaning of angels and
how they appear at the most propitious times. `My life's continuing journey
has evolved to envision a New Eden: a more loving, compassionate, and insightful
way of living. This inner vision, when it is allowed to advance and move through
us, can transform our individual lives – and, hopefully, the world around
us.' Garner starts her many shared stories with a number of experiences
with taxi drivers and how these men made a difference on many occasions in the
lives of others. In each of the stories she shares she focuses on how depending
on our inner visions can keep us focused on the importance of the continuity of
mankind – that string of instances that demonstrates how connected we all are if
we only remain astute and aware of the positive flights of angels that hover
over us. `There is something extraordinary about the sacredness associated with
those who minister to us as nurses, doctors, hairdressers, wait staff, taxi
drivers, and many other service-related professions.' Garner helps us open
our eyes and minds to the little miracles and in dong so she provides and
inordinate amount of hope in the future of our world – if we stay aware and
care. Grady Harp, December 13

Mary Cox Garner has given us a very interesting read in Calling All Angels. She
compiles different situations, seemingly making each chapter like a book within
a book.

She takes real-life scenarios where she finds herself in a situation with a
service industry person (taxi drivers, food service workers) that is potentially
disastrous, but the “Angel” service worker is able to diffuse the
situation, and other stories along that theme.

Calling All Angels really is a great, positive book! I found it very uplifting,
it even put me in a better mood while reading it. Anybody looking for a feel
good story book will enjoy this one!

“Calling All Angels” documents the fact that angelic encounters
can and do happen just about anywhere. The book is jam
packed with stories like the first one which deals with conflict
deflection in favor of taming the ego in the interest of peace on
the streets.

The book describes the ultimate satisfaction in life which is found on
the spiritual level. By extension, angelic encounters can happen
anywhere at a moment's notice. Miracles happen every day on the
road with some people surviving even the most horrific accidents.

Occasionally, a good Samaritan does stop to aid a stranded driver
as the author documents so meticulously in her book. Sometimes,
these acts can be life changing, as well as courageous as evidenced
by the person who jumps on the train tracks to rescue a child.

“Calling All Angels” asks that we respond to our better instincts
random intuition even if the streets are crowded, the traffic lights
don't work and potholes challenge us more often than not.

Mary Cox Garner's 'Calling All Angels: Taxi To A New Eden' is her
latest offering in the inspirational/spiritual genre. In this collection
she's chosen to interview taxi drivers, having considered that they're
relatively unnoticed in society, and in that role may have insight to offer.
Approaching each interview with a fresh and open mind, Garner weaves individual
stories of inspiration and hope that just might change the way you look at the
people who drive you from place to place. I enjoyed learning about the
drivers' personal histories – the desire to improve a life, and to go to
whatever lengths necessary to achieve it, are inspirational, indeed.

Calling All Angels, Taxi to a New Eden by Mary Cox Garner is a 109 page,
inspirational book. Garner says that we all have the power in our own hands, an
energy to promote healing and positive results. She refers to it as our life
force or Tao, a benevolent peacekeeper of sorts. Her inspirational message
reminds me of a pay-it-forward type of scenario, and she proves it by taking to
the streets and using taxi drivers as examples.

She has a subtle but strong message on how to become more enlightened or mindful
of yourself and others. We can all become more receptive. She also talks about
how to let go of negative tendencies and strengthen our inner journey. It is a
very uplifting book. You will close the pages feeling very positive about
yourself and all the new possibilities in your life.

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