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Make Your Mark: How to Launch a Successful Business Website


Every new brand must strive to make an impression when starting out. That’s why budding entrepreneurs must pay close attention to their website when officially starting a new company.

Instead of attempting to replicate your competitors’ sites, you must aim to exceed expectation when a potential customer clicks on a URL. To make your mark from day one, here are some top tips on how to launch a business website to kickstart your company’s success.

Don’t Focus Solely on a Site’s Aesthetics

There is more to a superb site than pretty colors, well-chosen fonts, and an attractive layout. Paying too much attention to a site’s visuals and underestimating the importance of smooth navigation can lead to a high bounce rate and a loss of sales. Ensure your new company makes the right first impression by creating a pleasant user experience while featuring high-quality, informative content.

Combat the Competition with Killer SEO Tactics

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, you might not be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). However, the right strategy will help to improve your ranking in the search engines and will drive traffic to your website day after day.

However, with many major Google ranking factors to contend with, you’ll need to quickly familiarize yourself with the most effective tactics, such as keyword integration, a fast page speed, a mobile-friendly web design, fresh content, and more.

Introduce the Best Online Credit Processing Solution

The best online credit card processing solutions will make e-commerce payments a doddle. Not only will it help your business to securely accept online, mail order, or telephone order payments, but it also allows international customers to pay using their desired currency.

This can add a touch of flexibility to your website, which could encourage customers to choose your brand over an industry rival. These little touches will set your brand apart from its competitors, which could help you to quickly and easily dominate your market.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Many entrepreneurs spend their time focusing on finding the perfect product and designing a professional website but underestimate the importance of a solid social media strategy.

A unique, compelling post could, however, help to capture your audience’s attention, and can drive a flurry of traffic to your new website, which can help you to yield a substantial profit. After all, Facebook has a whopping 2.23 billion monthly users, while Instagram has 800 million, and there’s no reason why you cannot connect with a small – or large – percentage of their audience.

Publish a Viral Content Piece

While every article on your website should be written to the highest possible standard, you should have at least one standout piece to use as a promotional tool once you launch your new site.

Write and publish an insightful, entertaining and well-written article that will encourage clicks on your website, shares on social media, and backlinks from other sites. Aim to publish at least one viral piece of content each month, which will boost your brand awareness and conversion rate.

Integrate Clear Call to Actions

Convince your visitors to become customers by guiding them through the purchasing process with clear call to actions (CTAs). It will indicate to them what you want them to do on a page, which can eliminate confusion and encourage them to perform an action.

Use clear, simple language, such as “click here,” “buy now” or “find out more.” You might be surprised by the big difference it can make to your annual sales.

Feature an About Us Page

An ‘About Us’ page not only provides an opportunity for your brand to detail who they are and what they do, but it helps to build a personal connection with a potential customer. Telling your brand’s story will provide visitors with an insight into the people who have made the business a reality, which can increase your authenticity and likeability. It will also provide an opportunity to express your brand’s tone of voice, values, and beliefs.

Review Your Website’s Analytics

Before you officially launch your website, integrate Google Analytics into your website to track your site’s performance and review your visitors’ behavior. Doing so will help you to identify where your visitors are from in the world, how they are finding your website and the content they are engaging with.

You can then identify the content that performs best on your site, find ways to improve your growing bounce rate and identify the keywords they typed in to discover a URL. So, you can constantly tweak and change your site to climb the search engines, improve your online engagement and increase your site’s revenue.

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