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Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD Shares The Science Of Purposeful Play ~Raising Autism Awareness with Motivational Press Author Lynette Louise


Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD Shares The Science Of Purposeful Play
~Raising Autism Awareness

Lynette Louise is an international mental health expert specializing in
autism. A speaker, author, performer, popular podcast host, and creator/host for
the reality series FIX IT IN FIVE, she is also the single mother of eight now
grown children–six adopted, four on the autism spectrum. Only one of her sons
retains his label and remains dependent.

Bring Lynette Louise on your show and your listeners
will April is Autism Awareness Month, and while the disability world gets
busy looking for ways to raise much needed awareness, international mental
health expert (specializing in autism) Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD is
playing with people to balance their brains. She travels the globe teaching
brain science and purposeful play to the disability community using music,
comedy, writing, speaking, and hands on outreach work.

Lynette’s most recent book is based on the true tale of one such outreach.

The WingMaker is about a young girl with Cerebral Palsy who was part of a large
and loving family. Unfortunately her disability was extreme and the family was
afraid to play with her, for fear she’d get hurt. In fact, she had been hurt
once, and so her life became about maintenance rather than fun. Fortunately,
with the help of Lynette, the family learned to play with purpose. With
neurofeedback also added to the home, everyone grew healthier and gained skills.
The WingMaker–a beautiful rhyming picture book– shares this journey and more
with it’s readers, while also revealing deeper truths and actionable play tips
they can implement in their own home.

This autism awareness month, Lynette would love to share the value of purposeful
play and neurofeedback with your audience as well! In an interview with Lynette
Louise your audience will learn:

~The effect of environment on brain health. Not only the toxic or non-toxic
chemicals you find in your home, but also your chosen colors, sounds, and

~What neurofeedback is, and why choosing it over medication is almost always the
healthiest and most effective choice.

~The difference between teaching skills and rewarding with play, and playing to
teach skills.

~Why getting to know people with disabilities as friends, rather than as folks
to feel sorry for, can be the greatest gift you give yourself this season.
Perhaps this year!

Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD is an engaging, passionate, and knowledgeable
guest. Just hearing her share what she knows is a powerful first step in the
direction of understanding purposeful play!

schedule an interview with Lynette Louise, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

Lynette Louise’s Website:


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