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Love Being YOU: Resource and workbook to become all you want to be by Marina Catherina Pearson

Love Being YOU: Resource and workbook to become all you want to be by Marina Catherina Pearson

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Love Being YOU: Resource and workbook
to become all you want to be by Marina Catherina

About The Book:

This comprehensive book – simultaneously an information resource
and a workbook – is the ideal aid to tackling the challenges of teen life. The
text and examples explain; the worksheets reveal how the information applies to
each individual reader. *Love Being YOU* is engaging, enlightening, empowering
and above all, practical. Well researched and informative, its eight chapters
cover every facet of a teen’s life and aspirations, guiding the reader toward
authentic, values-based living and success.

The first chapter, Love Your Thinking, reveals the real you and shows you how to
increase your self-acceptance and self-esteem. You learn how to think better to
make your life better. You gain the confidence to set goals, solve problems and
handle money wisely.

Love Your Feelings equips you to recognize and own what you feel, and to express
your feelings with mature control. Practical techniques for managing stress help
you to find stillness in the storm so that you can approach every challenge with

Love Your Body is about sexuality, which is good! You learn how to appreciate
and respect your body, how to stay safe and healthy, and how to live with energy
and vitality.

Love Your Spirit encourages you to grow in spiritual maturity by understanding
exactly what you believe and why you believe it. Authenticity and inner peace
result from basing your hopes, decisions and actions on your deepest values.
This chapter’s short, impartial summation of the major world religions
promotes respect for others.

Love Your Creativity challenges you to discover and explore your inherent urge
to create. It dares you to celebrate your unique gifts.

Love Your Relationships reveals the joy of positive relationships. You learn the
secrets of smart virtual relationships and how to balance technology with making
and growing deeply meaningful friendships. You discover love languages. Relish
romantic relationships. Understand how to be a good listener and how to
communicate well. Be challenged to accept people as they are, as you would like
them to accept you.

Love Learning empowers you with the skills to master any learning material. Find
out how to beat exam anxiety and get the grades that match what you really know.
Become a lifelong learner.

Love Working guides you to imagine the future you want. You learn about the
different ways of generating income and explore your interests and aptitudes in
relation to different career options because a career that helps you manifest
your values in line with your passion and abilities will inspire and motivate
you to be productive and successful. You will love working.

Every teenager – plus their parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone
committed to personal growth – will benefit from the riches in this book.


About The

Marina Catherina Pearson communicates
knowledge with easy clarity. She is gifted at presenting a wealth of information
and wise counsel in friendly language illuminated with practical examples, fun
worksheets and real-life stories. She leaves her readers feeling encouraged and

Marina’s experience and expert skills at editing – and often rewriting –
manuscripts for publication prompted Pearson Education (no relation) to
commission her first book, on tourism. Since then she has written books on
marketing and life skills. In addition to *Love Being YOU*, she has six books in
print with combined sales of over 150,000 in South Africa to date.

Marina’s ability to grasp the crux of complex information and communicate it
in a user-friendly manner enables her to write on various subjects, but personal
development and life skills are closest to her heart.

She has mentored and coached many young (and not-so-young) people over the

After completing a BA Honors degree in Latin at the University of Pretoria,
South Africa, and a gap year as a South African Airways flight attendant, Marina
started her career in book publishing as an academic editor in 1978.

For the next seven years she worked as a commissioning, content and copy-editor,
first for academic and then general non-fiction books. As publishing services
manager for the erstwhile Southern Book Publishers, she managed a panel of
freelance editors, illustrators and designers.

In 1987 she left book publishing to work as a copywriter and producer in
advertising, but books called her back and she founded Language Finesse in

Apart from writing books, she continues to provide editorial, translation,
indexing and writing services to a wide range of clients.

She lives in Johannesburg with her husband David.

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