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Values by Linda Edgecombe

Take Responsibility and Press your own Re-Set Button

By Linda Edgecombe


Start to Notice what you Notice – Where does your attention go when your buttons are pushed?  I believe it is my job to make people a bit uncomfortable, to rattle the minds of the folks who sit in my audiences and read my books and articles.  I want you to notice if you get your buttons pushed.  I have found over the years that some of the most effective  and successful people I have ever met are just very ‘self-aware’.  They notice what they put their attention on.   They have the ability to catch themselves in any given moment and step back from the voice in their head and say, “hmm… now that’s interesting.”  “I wonder why that strikes a chord with me this way?”    One of the quickest ways you can re-set yourself and move towards your best life,  is to start noticing how you are in more situations every day.  Notice how you feel and know that how you feel, brings on more of how you feel.   So “Just notice what you notice”.  To start to make small changes, if you want to, you need to catch yourself in those moments and rationalize with yourself.  Yes that means get a bit logical.  Ask yourself “On a scale of one to ten,  how important is this to me?  Honestly.


Take 10 minutes right now and write down at least 10 Values that are most important to you. Think about it, what in life is most important to you?  Don’t over think this,  ust go off your gut,  you know instinctually what holds the most meaning to you.  If you need some Value words to consider, just Google personal values,  you will find hundreds of them.   Write until you can’t think of any more.  Now just look at them.  And as you read each one, notice how it feels in your body.  If you feel energized when you read the value,  then that’s a strong value for you.  If it causes some tension in your body, then maybe it doesn’t belong on your list right now.   Now from this list, re-write your top 3 Values.  And beside each of your top 3 values, write down why it’s a top 3 Value for you.  And the why words you use, are actually your core values.  They are the emotions attached to your values and it’s those core values that you need to base your daily decisions on.  So press your own re-set button and start making value based decisions.  And you will notice how your life lines up and truly starts working well for you.  This is truly how we create a balanced life.  Enjoy the bliss.

Have a great week.

I would love to hear what your top 3 values are.  Send me a note and let me know.  Comment now.

Linda Edgecombe

Get Fired Up and Ready to Shift or Get off the Pot!


Written by Justin