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 Let the Unnoticed Joy Embrace Us by Munia Khan

 Let the Unnoticed Joy Embrace Us by Munia Khan

The current century seems to be the most difficult time of the Anno Domini era and to cope with this present state appears to be very negative, which is badly in need of alacrity. A little ray of light or an uncomplicated, simple smile can guide us to restore peace in our heart.  In an unpredictable time like this we quite rightly feel very cross about how this world has been treated. But the general inhabitants of our planet are incapable to cure the incurable problems. If this world is a wooden antique treasure: then war, poverty, political instability, religious conflicts, climate change, destruction of natural sources are like woodworms creating holes with live infestations leaving dust like frass of terror and insecurity all around this hollowness.

Still we need to stay in hope of light, despite the darkness. If light is nowhere, we have to search for it. It can be easier to find than looking for a rare animal like Black Jaguar. Our mind can be our very own torch under these circumstances. Our willingness is required.

Those who are lost in the dark should know that life is like a day of 24 hours which does have the sun to shine on…sooner or later. Night falls to cast the blackness every day, yet sun never fails to come out. So, we must not be disappointed with the absence of light in our lives.  We need to stay positive at heart. Peace of mind lives in our mind and we must not let it leave us. We have to have full control over our mental capacity.  For our own sanity, we should believe that this world is beautiful. And this world really is beautiful as it has so many amazing things that give intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations like shape, colour, sound, texture and so on. We need to look for it.

There is nothing negative in being positively alive. And here is something personal I want to share- Sometimes when I am sad I remember what Helen Keller said – “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” Then my sad state of mind provokes me to question – what if there is no sun and it is night time? How will I keep my face to the sunshine, if there is no sun at all? And the positivity inside me answered- ‘Just wait for a while, the sun will return to shine!’ And that is the beauty of life – waiting in anticipation for something and when it finally arrives! But if in case it never comes, know that somehow something else will fulfill your assured heart in hope. We should embrace the forgotten joy of our lives to exist vibrantly.

Every side has another side. We have to choose the right part to live correctly content. Nothing is perfect – we know. But we also need to believe that not everything is imperfect. Not everything is beautiful in this world- that is true. But we must remember that not everything is bad or ugly. It is our choice what we should permit our mind to absorb.  

This world offers so many good things for us. We have to get a grip on those wondrous gifts around us. Greenness of trees, innocence of children, amazing colours from flower petals, white beauty of swans on a serene lake, murmuring river across the woods, singing birds, happy smile of the moon, stars’ twinkling dance, all are reminders of how gifted this world truly is! Delicious food on our plate, warmth of the comforters in our bed, soothing raindrops from a hot summer day, softness of our child’s fingertips within our palms are worth more value to our lives than many so-called precious treasures in the materialistic world.
Money-oriented happiness can be transitory but the joyful vibes that we sense from a true friend’s heart is always long-lasting. The incalculable security of four walls and a ceiling with a few loved ones inside is an indescribable joy, if we truly can feel the blessing. We need to remember that so many people in the world are devoid of these blessings not because they are unfortunate but because of this world’s darkness, over which their inner lights seem to have no control.

Our personal virtues showing moral excellence are always ready to add beautiful moments to our days. To feel the wonderful things around us we need to promote collective and individual greatness. We have to let abstinence, humanity, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility flourish inside of us so that we can deal with the difficulties of our lives through a positive mindset. Let wisdom, temperance, justice, and courage be our guide to wholeheartedly receive a peaceful world. We know that it is hard to unshackle our minds from the temptation of darkness but to enjoy the hidden blessings around us to the fullest we have to sacrifice all negative enticements. Temporary urges for enjoyment threatens long-term aims.

We do not need to be ‘world traveler’ to find the beauty of the world. It is already spread all around us…so close to us. Our hopeful perspective can notice it, if we take a careful look. Behold, the microcosm of one simple bead of dew. While hot beach-sand burning our feet on a sunny day, sudden discovery of an amazing star fish beneath the sand makes us smile. When it is an upsetting time of the day, a sensational book awaits somewhere in our room ready to have our minds buried into its inspiring pages. If we lose all our clocks and watches, the crimson sky of twilight will remind us of the time of dusk…and the phases of the moon will never fail to be our monthly instructor.

Yes, the moon figures it out when electricity is gone and there is no candle to light up in a poor farmer’s house, so, it shines upon his family through the rustic window of their mud hut.

We don’t always need to have Clive Christian No. 1 or Gabrielle Chanel to satisfy our craving for fragrance; a few rose petals of a refreshing blossom from the neighbourhood garden can sate our longing, if we learn to count our blessings.

Let us spend a day or two away from electronic devices just to find out that digital space is not the only happy universe we have. We can play Battleships or Noughts and Crosses, using pencil and paper with our kids realizing with a sense of guilt that we need to spend more time with them. This may sound funny but how about playing ‘Dots and Boxes’, ‘Heads, Bodies and Legs’ or ‘Hangman’ with your better half during a weekend night instead of watching a movie to get emotionally carried away with the protagonist’s death. I’m not saying – ‘Don’t watch movies!’ I just want to convey an idea that why don’t we utilize our precious moments occasionally in a more amazing way by spending heart to heart time with our loved ones..Internet, television, DVD players, game device can wait!  

Life is more than just being alive. Find the strength in graceful things that surround us. It is wonderful to be observant in order to perceive great inspirational objects which go unnoticed most of the time. We have to keep the light diligent within us remembering a fact that even completely blind people don’t see blackness; they see nothing. And guess what ‘seeing nothing’ did to people like Helen Keller, Aldous Huxley and Ray Charles. They never welcomed darkness; they became creative and inspirational to the world instead. We have to be influenced. Let’s discover all the lively joys around us.

For, in such discovery, we have a greater measure of significant value to pour into the lives we have been blessed to know

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