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Let it Go, Let it Flow Leadership by Joan Ramirez

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Let it Go, Let it Flow Leadership
by joan ramirez

About The Book:

Let it Go, Let it Flow Leadership
by Joan Ramirez, which offers the opportunity for individuals to grow into
positions in their present and future jobs. For release in Fall 2014.

This book will give those in search of leadership positions an insight into
people who’ve earned
their stripes. It will also teach them the most important step in moving
forward: Letting go of past mistakes–at any age.

The book will include content on leadership styles and behaviors, profiles of
effective leaders through the ages, exercises, resources, and more to enhance
present and future leadership skills and empower others to become leaders.

Motivational Press is excited to work with Joan Ramirez to share with
readers the following attributes of leadership:

Concrete Advice


About The

About The Author:

Joan Ramirez holds a Master of Science in Business, Medical, and Technical
Journalism as well as two others in ESL and Education. She has published on a
variety of topics from cochlear implants to the economy and has conducted
workshops –domestic and foreign–on the nuances of business communications
for managers and start-up companies. She is the leader of her own enterprise
with training programs for entrepreneurs–all levels and recently published two
books–Jamie is Autistic: Learning in a SpecialWay and Go for It Leadership
Handbook for All Students.
She can be reached at

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