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Lessons From The Gym: Finding Purpose and Profit through Network Marketing

It takes a certain mind-set and discipline to build a million-dollar asset. In this book Chris Cucchiara shares his success formula. It’s the same one that allowed him to build multiple million-dollar assets during his business career. His proven step-by-step system will ensure you the mind-set needed to have purpose and profit in network marketing.
Having the right mind-set, Chris went from a 140lb weakling to a world-class competitive bodybuilder. Knowing what he really wanted, more importantly, why he wanted it, at the age of 21, Chris went on to open up California Gym. It became the most successful body-building gym in Northern California. He grew his gym business from zero to over $1 million a year. Besides owning and operating the California Gym, Chris also founded a successful management/consulting company that generated a high six-figure annual income year after year. For the past fifteen years Chris has personally built six-figure annual incomes in multiple companies within the network marketing industry.
He is now taking thirty years of being a world-class body-builder, a successful entrepreneur and a leader in the network marketing industry and consolidating these success principles into his Mind-Fit Coaching Gym for Network Marketers.

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