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Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry


Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry

About The Book:

Lean business planning simple but powerful way to get what you want from your business. Get focused, grow faster, and adjust to change. A lean business plan is an easy and practical way to align strategy, tactics, milestones, assumptions, and essential cash flow without the fuss of a full business plan.

What you will learn with this Book
* A simple powerful easy way to get what you want from your business. Any business, existing, startup, or in the planning stage.
* Use it to stay focused, grow faster, and adjust quickly to change. Set expectations and track results.
* Use it to review and revise regularly to simplify and watch the important milestones
* Know when to stick to the plan, when to change it, and how to tell the difference
* Learn how to easily forecast sales, expenses, and cash flow, and how to manage ongoing results.
* Set priorities for long term and manage steps in the short term.


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About The Author:

Tim Berry, author of Lean Business Planning, is the best-known and most-respected business plan expert in the world. Do a Google search for “business plan expert” and you’ll find Tim Berry listed first in the organic, unpaid results. Well-known author Pamela Slim, well-known author of  Body of Work and Escape From Cubicle Nation,  dubbed him “the Obi-wan Kenobi of business planning,” and quoted him extensively in her landmark book Escape From Cubicle Nation.

Well-known author Pam Slim calls Tim her Business Plan Expert. Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame, who has been named Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Federal Small Business Administration twice, calls him “the business plan guru” and “father of modern business planning.” Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneur celebrity, chose to interview Berry as his expert on business planning. called Berry its business planning coach for more than 10 years, and still features him regularly on its blogs.


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