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Late Love: Mating in Maturity by avivah Wittenberg-Cox


Late Love: Mating in Maturity by avivah Wittenberg-Cox

About The Book:

Many women, and a minority of men, are deciding that ‘adequate’ marriages are inadequate. They are driving an explosion of ‘grey’ divorce and remarriage in the over-50s. With children departing into their own journeys and ever-longer lives stretching out ahead, more mature adults are leaping, unconventionally and aspirationally, at a last chance at love.

Most of the existing literature discourages them. The dominant mantra of books, counsellors and media is that ‘staying together’ is the superior, admirable choice. They insist that romantic dreams of great sex and soul mates are the Disney-esque yearnings of the naively immature. This book argues the contrary. Great relationships are not only attainable; they are a natural and admirable goal for ageing humans. And if your current mate isn’t interested in working with you to craft an ever-deeper and finer partnership, then it may be your mate that requires changing – not your dreams.


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About The Author:

vivah Wittenberg-Cox brings two decades of expertise of gender balancing the corporate world to personal life. The discovery of late love in her own life, and the life-changing benefits it brought her personally, have inspired her to drop the compartmentalising barrier between professional and personal. The change in men and women and the roles they play in every domain is changing… everything.

In intensive half-day sessions, she works with a limited number of couples who want to start right or end well… she is not a couples therapist, but a Couples’ Strategist. She brings the tools and expertise available in the corporate world to the personal…

She also works with companies who want to support their leaders’ ability to manage the gender balance at home, and at work, in a seamless, integrated way. And who want to share those skills with their teams.

For the rest, she is CEO of 20-first, author, consultant, coach, professor and change agent. She blogs for Harvard Business Review and teaches at HEC, one of the world’s leading business schools. She is the Founder and Honorary President of, started in Paris over two decades ago. Canadian, French and Swiss, she now lives in London with her sculptor husband and ridiculously cute Cavalier King Charles while admiring her gender-balanced children (a son and a daughter) craft their own global lives…


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