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Karyn Schoenbart

Karyn Schoenbart

Business Speaker


Expect Subject Matter for Speaking Engagements
There are a wide range of discussion topics to choose from. The list below is a sample of presentation topics, which can be tailored to your audience.

First Impressions: Make Sure They Want to See You Again
First impressions are critical in building a career. Nothing can replace experience and confidence, but being judged on how you look is a reality of the working world. Approach your appearance as you would yr resume. The most important part is the substance, but without clean formatting, proper spelling and grammar someone reviewing it may never delve into the content.

Networking and Relationships: Build a Foundation
Building business relationships is like putting money in the bank. Every time you have a positive interaction with someone, you create equity. Then if something goes wrong down the road, you can make a withdrawal, and still have plenty left in the account.

Surviving Your Boss: We All Have to Report to Someone
Build a positive relationship with your boss based on mutual respect and trust. If you are stuck with a bad boss, don’t be discouraged. Instead focus on your goals and keep a record of your progress and accomplishments which can be used when it’s time to move ahead.

Managing and Motivating Others: Step Away from the Desk
The secret to strong team morale is to make your employees your priority. Ask their opinions. Listen. Make them feel valued. And don’t expect them to be effective without

the right tools and skills. Find out what they need and help them get it.

Dealing with Difficult Situations: When the Going Gets Tough, Get Smart
When dealing with conflict, recognize that most people won’t remember the issue, but they will remember how it was handled. Learn to listen without interrupting when someone is angry; don’t blame others for your own mistakes; and replace “no” with phrases like “what I can do is …” whenever possible.

Skilling Up: Learning What You Need to Succeed
There are universal skills such as financial acumen, negotiation, sales, public speaking, business writing, client service, and time management that are critical to succeeding in just about any business. Discussion around tips in this chapter of the book to make sure you master them.

Global Expertise: More than Stamps on a Passport
If you want to work internationally, be proactive. Make it known you are open to traveling or moving for either a short or long-term stint. Once overseas, try to learn the basics of the country’s language, master cultural nuances, and adhere to local business customs.

Leadership: Inspiring Others to Follow You
A good leader inspires people to believe in the organization’s strategy and wants to be a part of it. They communicate what the vision means for the company, its clients and its employees, as well as how individuals can contribute to making the vision reality.

The Career Journey: Where to Next?
Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks or you might be left behind. If you don’t put yourself out there and try, you will never know what might have happened.

The Balancing Act: What It Means to Have It All
Consider what “having it all” means to you. An important part of surviving the work/life dilemma is cultivating a good sense of humor. Try not to sweat the small stuff and be realistic about what is possible given your work situation.

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Speaker Bio:

Karyn Schoenbart, author of Mom.B.A., is the CEO of The NPD Group, a global provider of information and advisory services to many of the world’s leading brands. She has over 30 years of experience in the market research field, with expertise in identifying and developing new business opportunities and client partnerships.

Karyn was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women of the Mid-Maket by the CEO Connection. She is also the recipient of the Long Island Brava Award, which recognizes high-impact female business leaders, and the Legacy Award from Women in Consumer Technology. Schoenbart is passionate about coaching others to greater levels of achievement. She is a resident of Long Island, NY. To learn more, visit

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