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It’s A Noisy, Noisy World by Denice Hartmann-Manfredi


It’s A Noisy, Noisy World by Denice Hartmann-Manfredi
About The Book:

It’s A Noisy, Noisy World provides a remarkable journey of hope and
inspiration with living life despite managing adversity with her extraordinary
struggles and personal experiences as a hearing impaired child and the death of
her mother.   Denice encounters a world of total silence when she later
becomes completely deaf as an adult following a rare benign brain tumor and a
progressive hearing loss.  In order to bridge the gap from silence to
hearing, she was confronted with the decision about having a cochlear implant.
 She shares the incredible passage of taking the first step with the having
the cochlear implant and adapting to an entire new domain of sounds and the
surprising discoveries and extraordinary experiences with embracing a total new
way of hearing in the world.  This astonishing narrative shows the capacity
to overcome adversity and the possibilities of miracles in life.


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Noisy, Noisy World

About The Author:

Denice is formerly a substance abuse
therapist with 30 years of experience in the counseling field.  She is
currently certified as an addiction professional in the state of Florida and
also, certified internationally as an alcohol and drug counselor.  She
graduated with a Master's Degree in counseling from New York University.
 Also, she has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a minor in
Sociology from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame. She has received
recognition with Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who of Women
Executives.  She is married and currently living in Saint Augustine, FL
with her husband, Francisco.


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