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Is Life Punching You in the Brain? with Motivational Press Author Rick Jetter, Ph.D.


Life Punching You in the Brain?

Jetter is a leader in motivational speaking, writing multi-genre books, and
consulting with others for personal and professional strength and advancement.
 He knows how the battlefield of life can cast shrapnel on one's soul
and as a result, rebuilding oneself is a top priority of Dr. Jetter's
message to his clients, followers, and fans!  

Bring Rick Jetter, Ph.D. on your show and your listeners
will –Learn that ALL of us struggle with life; no one has a PERFECT life,
just God.

–Understand that there are ways to cope: the art and science of mindfulness CAN
help to heal you.

–See how “sutures” within you need to heal regarding experiences in
natural life (i.e. divorce, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, trouble
with the law, experiencing negative media attention, daily anxiety, or even
depression).  Terrible events can have a turning point in YOUR life so that
you can regain your footing and become stronger from these life experiences.
 You CAN move from “destruction” to “construction” with
advice from Dr. Jetter's landmark book.

–God and/or your “higher spirit” will help to heal you through daily,
rooted devotions that will stir your heart and dispel the negativity that seeps
into your soul and spirit!

schedule an interview with Rick Jetter, Ph.D., contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

Jetter, Ph.D.’s Website:


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