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Integrated Health – HeartPath Practitioner Assessment and Intervention for the Trauma Exposed Patient by Bill McFeature, Ph.D.


Integrated Health – HeartPath Practitioner Assessment and Intervention for the Trauma Exposed Patient by Bill McFeature, Ph.D.

About The Book:

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Integrated Health – HeartPath Practitioner Assessment and Intervention for the Trauma-Exposed Patient – was written to expose the deeper impact of trauma from a physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual perspective.  Proper assessment and treatment must involve a "whole person" and a patient-centered approach to assist the trauma-exposed patient.  It is also critical to have good communication and coordination of community services and all systems of care.  Integrated health and collaboration are required to truly meet the needs of the patient and family who can be devastated by complex trauma.  
The HeartPath assessment and treatment philosophy is grounded in evidence-based narrative treatment.  HeartPath utilizes thematic analysis to help the patient understand the deeper meaning and life purpose unique to his or her "telling of the story."  Guided imagery is a part of this healing process, and flows with the identified patterns and themes of each patient's told story.  The individualized guided imagery process allows the "inner heart" to open to compassion and release all that does not serve the patient's life. The telling of the story is cathartic in and of itself.  The story also represents testimonies of resilience and moves the patient from victim to survivor.  This process is brief in nature, and the patient will report relief and functionality after three to five sessions (varies by individual).  
The HeartPath Practitioner works in all settings, however, may also be co-located in a patient-centered and integrated healthcare setting.  The patient will be fully supported and empowered as they assist with the development of a self-management plan that is "holistic" in nature.  This book offers a variety of assessment tools and resources utilized in primary care and mental health settings.  This book also provides an overview of the various types of trauma; physical health and mental health diagnoses common to trauma exposure; narrative treatment philosophy, and how the inner-heart transformation offers deep healing.  Finally, this book offers a solid foundation for primary care and behavioral health integration healthcare philosophy, functionality, and sustainability.  


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About The Author:

Bill J. McFeature, Ph.D. received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology with 16 years of specialized training in integrative behavioral health care field in working with primary care and behavioral health practitioner in treating patients with acute and chronic medical conditions. Dr. McFeature is an SAMHSA and HRSA consultant for both primary care and community behavioral health clinics in the development and implementation of primary care and behavioral health integration model designs that align with AIM objectives. He is also the consultant for the Radford University Integrated Behavioral Health and Wellness Certificate program receiving national recognition for their participation in workforce development initiatives promoting competent integrated behavioral practitioners. Dr. McFeature is also co-author of "HeartPath Practitioner" published in 2009.  Dr. McFeature is currently the owner of Kardia Counseling Center and Consultation.


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