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Inspiration on Demand by Joshua Coburn

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Inspiration on Demand by Joshua

About The Book:

“Inspiration on Demand is an invaluable collection of self-coined phrases intended to impact lives one quote at a time rather than act as a straight through read.”

International Best Selling Author of The Power of Persistence, Justin Sachs, called Inspiration on Demand “A kick-butt, grab-and-go tool kit for anyone aspiring for higher levels of success in their daily lives.” Suggesting to “read a selection from the book daily” to “see real life-changing results!”
“Inspiration on Demand and the quotes within are tools for a simple and successful life.” says Coburn. “Making one small, yet impactful, change each
day can make a world of difference long term and the messages within Inspiration on Demand became the catalyst for those positive changes in my life. I am
excited to share these words of encouragement with you to inspire you in your life as well!”


Motivating and empowering readers to improve their daily lives, overcome personal trials and reach their dreams, Coburn shares quotes in Inspiration on
Demand that encourage readers to:

• Be empowered to take control of their life.
• Improve their overall attitude.
• Develop deeper human relationships.
• Increase their likelihood of personal success.
• Establish a natural feeling of self-confidence.


About The Author: 

Known for his edgy appearance, positive attitude, and distinct ability to connect with others, the heavily tattooed Coburn has risen to prominence as the go-to motivational speaker for Jr/Sr High Schools & student events. Today, Coburn speaks to students across the nation taking them on an inspirational and emotional rollercoaster ride known as the Manners & Motivation Speaking Tour, sponsored by The Please Line.

Website: or
Instagram: joshuacoburn


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