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Innovative Leadership by Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia


Innovative Leadership by Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia
About The Book:

The book offers an opportunity to uncover our strengths with the
highest principles in Leadership Strategies, Team Building, Team Success, Team
Growth and Personal Development. It is designed to inspire action through
purpose, values, vision and develop emotional intelligence. Showing how to excel
in the management process and help organizations improve their operating
performance and financial results by helping them transform all their managers
into leaders, employees into partners, work groups into teams and their
customers into advocates. It shares  a unique purpose and thought on how to
motivate, excite and inspire people and organizations to be better leaders,
better followers and successful team builders that embraces positive


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About The Author:

Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia attended Government
College Ughelli (GCU) from 1978 – 1983 and obtained a Bachelor of Science
B.Sc. Honors in Political Science from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,
With over three decades of proven actions and activities that have added value
to organizations and ultimately to prospects and clients to succeed beyond
expectations. His leadership and team building strategies have been outstanding
and have earned him Leadership roles in various Associations, Clubs, Groups and
He has stayed relentless and responsible for prospecting, identifying and
qualifying opportunities while creating and building new relationships and
maintaining contact with existing clients to monitor their level of customer
satisfaction through personal development, team building and leadership
More than anything else, he derives great pleasure and excitement from helping
people and organizations achieve their ideal goals and targets by providing
appropriate solutions that meet their specific needs to grow their business and
maximize profit at a reduced cost in a short period of time.
As a problem solver, with valuable experience and knowledge he has helped build
strong and positive relationships with key stakeholders in various lines of
It is obvious that he focuses on an approach and ability to provide results
oriented advice and counsel to clients and organizations with a positive and
persuasive attitude. His willingness to fearlessly follow up and follow through
a plan has been recognized as impressive, approachable, professional, engaging
and welcoming.
He is currently a Senior Consultant and an Expert in Leadership Strategies, Team
Building, Team Growth, Team Success and Personal Development.


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