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I’ll Give You Exactly Five Minutes! by Peter Danish

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I’ll Give You Exactly Five Minutes!
by Peter Danish

About The Book:

A Professional Guide to the ORSON System™ of presenting.  
  How to state your case in a clear, concise and entertaining manner in
exactly five minutes – every time.  The ORSON System shows presenters a
fresh new way to quickly organize their content into a simple logical structure
that will save them time and free them from the constraints of a standard
presentation format.   The ease with which they will be able to navigate
their information will increase their comfort with the material which in turn
will boost their confidence and eliminate presentation related stress.
I wrote this book because I am a fellow sufferer.  I have panic attacks
before presentations, sweat like an animal in heat during presentations, and
beat myself up mercilessly after presentations.  I know the subject matter
because I live it every day.   This book is for all my fellow sufferers.
 If it can help alleviate even some of the suffering they go through and
elevate their performance just a bit, then I will consider my work done.
 It is not 500 pages, in fact it is barely 100 pages, specifically because
I believe in practicing what I preach.   My system is simple, direct and
concise (as all good presentations should be), and can be applied to any
scenario from keynote speaking to large audiences, to sales presentations to
small audiences, to one-on-one interviews.   Because no matter what the
occasion, each of these scenarios at their core, have two basic but critical
goals in common:
1. Provide the audience with the proper information.
2. Persuade the audience to come to the proper conclusion
Everything else is just gravy.
These simple concepts aren't addressed either by traditional books on
public speaking or by existing books on improving presentations skills, which
tend to focus on introductory basics,  tips, “quick fixes” and long
lists of resources.  The average professional seeking to improve his or her
presentation skills is eager for material that will help them speak/present more
effectively in a meaningful and sustainable manner; material that not only tells
them what various resources are available on the Internet or in other books, but
rather how to develop a practical application of that information and those
“I’ll Give You Exactly Five Minutes” is designed specifically to address
these issues.  It is divided into chapters that closely correspond with the
manner in which most presenters approach their craft.  Each chapter
highlights a particular aspect of the presentation process and how it can be
improved by application of the ORSON System.


About The

Peter Danish is an award-winning author and
playwright.   His first novel “The Tenor,” a tale of historical fiction
was published by Pegasus Books USA (March 2014).   A proud member of the
Dramatist Guild of America, his play, “Gods, Guns and Greed,” was chosen by
the White Plains Performing Arts Center for its “First Look” series, and the
play will be given a reading at the prestigious Actor’s Studio in NY this
Summer.  His musical, “The Flying Dutchman,” was chosen by the
Riverspace Performing Arts Center for a staged reading as part of its “New
Works” series.   He was also just been selected by J. Quinn Productions
to write the book for the upcoming Broadway musical:  “The Cotton
Club,” based on the film of the same name.  
His second novel:  “Medjugorje:  The Final Prophesy” a mystery set
in war-torn Bosnia (based on the author’s travels there as a relief
volunteer).  In the non-fiction realm, he is currently putting the
finishing touches on book of basic business skills for artists/actors/singers,
as well as a collection of non-fiction, short stories co-written with singers
from the Metropolitan Opera and Musicians from the New York Philharmonic.

He has been a Senior Media Marketing Executive for over two decades, serving as
Director of Marketing for NBC, Vice President of Marketing for Telemundo and
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Azteca TV Network.  He’s
been the driving force behind several of the most successful media marketing
campaigns on television over the last decade.  For ten years he’s
consulted for major television networks; arts organizations as well as host of
other blue chip clients.  As such he’s producer of over fifty major live
events. He’s been the producer, director or writer of over one hundred hours
of content for air; including numerous telethons, award shows, and television
network Upfront Presentations.  His writing has appeared in The New York
Times, Ad Age, Ad Week, Media Week as well as major industry and trade
Mr. Danish is also the Television Editor and the Classical Music Editor for, one of the country’s most popular cultural websites and a
platform that reaches several million views monthly.

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