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I, Bully by Roy Dimond


I, Bully by Roy Dimond
About The Book:

I, Bully is a middle grade novel about cyber-bullying. What makes the
story unique is that it is told from both the perspective of the bully and his
victim, a young girl.

The two main characters, the victim, Hannah and the bully, Eric, learn from each
other in ways they could never have imagined.

Hannah is a typical young girl in grade 8. She's completely focused on
friends and feels her family doesn't understand. Hannah also feels
invisible and her perception is that her older sister gets all the attention.
It’s a good, middle class family, but struggling.

Eric is also in grade 8, but his family is dysfunctional. Dad drinks and mom is
barely keeping it together. Eric is filled with rage and takes it out on

When Hannah runs away, Eric realizes what has happened and tries to find her.
Lost in the woods, a bear, a cougar, and a riotous raven teach them lessons
about bullying and about being a victim.

One teacher and his friend, a Native American named, Stands Alone, help
interpret the lessons that the forest has taught the two protagonists. In this
heroes-journey, Hannah learns why she is always a victim, and Eric discovers why
he bullies, and both learn a new way.


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About The Author:

Roy Dimond lives with his wife in Victoria,
British Columbia, a small community on Vancouver Island on the west coast of

In his first life, Roy had the honor of helping at risk children and their
families. He worked in all levels of education as a Youth Worker and Parenting
Worker. Roy presented workshops to post graduate students at universities as
well as seminars to beginning teachers.

In his second life, Roy is pursuing his love of travel and writing. Having
explored cities on four continents, from Cuzco to Kyoto, Santorini to Tsumago,
his wanderings have all found a way into his stories.

Roy’s first novel is called, The Singing Bowl and his second is titled,
Silence and Circumstance. As you read this, he is already working on his next


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