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How to Choose the Book Publisher That’s Right For You


How to Choose the Book Publisher That’s Right For You

There are three types of book publishing in today’s book world. First you have traditional publishing. Traditional book publishing is the type of publishing you find with the major five publishers. These book publishers include Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, and Penguin Random House.  These publishers take ownership over the rights to your book, take control over the design and content, and control both the price and publication date of your work. Most often, books published with traditional publishers are not released for a period of 12 to 24 months from the manuscript submission date making the delay with which an author has to wait for release quite long for an author looking to get their book released into the marketplace quickly.

The royalties of authors who work with traditional publishers are also quite a bit less than those who work within the other two publishing options. He traditionally published author will often only receive approximately one dollar per book sold. The value of having a traditional publisher is that they often have far more expensive distribution than most of the other publishers in the marketplace. While this isn’t always the case anymore, most major publishers have distribution with Ingram the world’s largest distributor and one of the most important distribution channels to have when making your book available in physical brick and mortar bookstores.  

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The second type of publishers is a hybrid or assisted self publisher. An assisted self publisher or hybrid publisher is one which combines the value of a traditional publisher with the freedom of self-publishing. Considered the best of both worlds by many best-selling authors, hybrid publishing allows the author the scope of distribution provided by the major traditional publishers with the rights protections and royalties of self-publishing. Authors commonly are paid up to 3 to 5 dollars per book when publishing with a hybrid publisher and sometimes in choosing the right hybrid publisher can have substantial marketing support allowing them to reach far more potential readers then they would even with a traditional publisher in today’s market.

The best part of hybrid publishing is that you have access to the publishers expert cover designers, interior layout artists, book promoters, and leading distribution. Their expert team has experience in publishing often up to 100 titles per year which allows them the ability to effectively manage the publication of your title in a professional and collaborative manner. Your goal, as an author, should be to ensure that the publisher you choose is one that will keep an eye on your brand as a whole not just on the publishing of your book. Since in today’s market it’s critical to have your book represent your brand as a whole and not just function as an individual product.

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