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How positive is your current culture? by Marcella Bremer

How positive is your current culture? by Marcella Bremer

How positive is your current culture?

How would you rate your current culture, on a scale from 1 to 10…? How would you rate the culture at, based on what you’ve read in the media? And Uber? Or Walmart?
What’s it like to work at Google? Wegmans Food Markets, or the Boston Consulting Group (they score high on the Fortune 100 best companies to work for list).

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Or Facebook, Bain & Company, and, again, the Boston Consulting Group, that score highest on the Glassdoor Great Place to work list?

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Positive is Productive

And Positive? Why positive and what is it? The Why is easy: Positive is productive. The research is clear. Positive cultures challenge people to contribute their best at work. Happy and healthy people deliver high performance.

What Positive is? Does it evoke images of a fake, smiling, Hippie role-play? Delete those images. Positive is authentic, so it’s okay to be human and have a bad temper. Positive relates to the conscious decision to look for what is working well and to amplify and facilitate that which is positive, uplifting, energizing. It includes looking at what goes wrong and how to avoid and improve that. Positive cultures also give negative feedback if needed. Of course.

But the focus and drive come from the Positive. These cultures invest in people, relationships, trust, authenticity, fairness, participation, autonomy, and responsibility for your part, flexibility. They cherish the freedom to make mistakes, learn from them, collaborate with great colleagues, get support, and learn together. A positive culture can work wonders. Not just for people’s moods, also for organizational performance.

How to create a Positive Culture?

That’s great, so how can we implement a positive culture? Well, it can’t be implemented. You can develop a positive culture as a gardener grows beans by creating the right culture for them to thrive. Can the gardener pull at the beans so they’ll grow harder? Order them to sprout more and better? No. All she can do is adding the right amounts of water and nutrients to the seeds, taking care of the plants by supporting them and shielding them from too much sunlight, or too much wind, and so on. That’s what a gardener does.

That’s what leaders do who develop a positive culture that enables people and performance to thrive. They don’t push and pull; they don’t implement plug-and-play plans, they don’t order their teams to become positive. They first ARE positive leaders, and then they show what a positive mindset and behaviors look like on a daily basis. Being precedes doing.

They develop the culture in which others may thrive. They support people, they look for positive potential to develop, they shield people, they challenge them, they make sure that the conditions are at their best for people to give their best and feel good.

Interaction Interventions

One of the most powerful things to influence others and to start developing a positive culture is to be your best self and to use Interaction Interventions. Interactions can change the dynamics in groups and the culture on a daily basis. Here are the small things that work even if you’re busy…

And even if you’re not a formal leader! The power of Interaction Interventions is that you can use them regardless of your position, without needing permission. I developed these interventions to empower anyone, even those who think that they can’t make a difference. You, too, make a difference. Once you see that you can start influencing your team and organization toward the positive.

How to do that? That’s the topic of my new book Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive (publishing date February 21, 2018).

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Positive Culture Academy

The yes-but-how-to-do-that in your specific situation, with your stubborn co-workers, or your authoritative boss, or your direct reports is what we’ll work on in the online Positive Culture Academy!

I’m excited to launch the Positive Culture Academy. Please check it out and join me! Let’s be Positive Agents who do revolution by evolution: one interaction at a time, one person at a time. Be (a) present for positive organizations!

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What do you think? What is the most positive organization you know? I’d be curious to see some different names than the “lists” featuring Google, BCG, and Facebook. I’m looking forward to reading your examples – and the rating of your current culture at work.

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