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Healthy Living Means Living Healthy by Margaret Marshall

Healthy Living Means Living Healthy by Margaret Marshall


Healthy Living Means Living Healthy by Margaret Marshall About The Book:

Healthy Living Means Living Healthy will help you improve every aspect of your life–relationships, environment, and level of success–because at its core, it’s about how you design your life.

Living healthy often means changing a lifetime unhealthy patterns and habits. It’s about realizing it’s not a quick fix, there is no need for perfection, and there is always room for improvement. It is not dependent on the numbers on a scale, but rather on how you conduct your thoughts and feelings, and how you manage the many challenges throughout the years.

There is a common yearly weight loss-weight gain cycle. In my nearly three decades as a professional weight-loss expert, speaker, and media personality, I’ve seen that August is second to December in the rate of weight gain, with September being second to January in weight loss. Every month in between, people gain and lose weight, rarely achieving their ultimate goal.

Why is this, and how can you change?

This book will answer both questions and give you a weekly transcript to bring a fresh perspective into healthy strategies in an easy-to-read format.

If you wish to eat better, exercise, or lose weight, what is your ultimate goal? It may be to become healthier, decrease medication, improve relationships, be happier, more active, or earn more money. Your health, self-image, and confidence will enable you to achieve your goals.

Weight loss isn’t just about eating; there are many components at work for a healthy, lasting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Living Means Living Healthy addresses them in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow method. There is worksheet for you to record how you’ve changed by following the guidance in each chapter. Answer the questions honestly. Each time you revisit the chapter, answer each question again to see how you change over time. Continue to build on your changes.

It does not matter which month you begin this journey; it’s intended for you to start at any time. The reader, and by default the family, will benefit.  
Healthy Living Means Living Healthy is not a book about how to eat, although the Five-Finger Food Guide is included.
This book is about…

…how to live,
…how to think,
…how to love yourself by building self-esteem,
…how to enjoy healthy holidays,
…how to meet your needs,
…how to deal with others,
…how to deal with emotional eating, and
…to insure every aspect of your life is improved.

Choose one easy-to-read chapter a week. Follow through. Repeat the week when necessary. Continue to use this handy book year after year. Let it guide you to a lifetime of healthy living. There is no timeline. Let your weight loss be the by-product of healthy living, rather than the focus. It’s the only way to lose and maintain your weight.

You’ll also be glad to know there is a Weight-A-Minute with each chapter. Weight-A-Minute is a positive affirmation that is easy to remember. They will enable you to continue to make choices that move you forward to achieve your desired goals. Use the Weight-A-Minute anytime. Stop, think, and repeat it to yourself. It enables you to make wise choices, and guides you through difficult challenges.
Get ready to live healthy, lose weight, and feel great.

Margaret Marshall


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About The Author:

Margaret Marshall is The Healthy Living Expert. She is an articulate communicator and easily relates to an audience because of her realistic strategies to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

Margaret enjoys almost three decades in the wellness/weight loss industry. She had a seventeen- year run as a speaker and trainer for Weight Watchers, and the last twelve years as a national speaker, wellness coach, and media personality. She presents wellness programs at corporate functions, higher learning institutions, women’s organizations, and medical facilities.

Her first book Body, Mind, & Mouth was followed by her e-book, Five-Finger Food Guide. And now here is her new book, Healthy Living Means Living Healthy. This book will help you to improve your relationships, environment, and level of success because at its core, it’s about how you design your life.

Margaret Marshall is a front-page featured blogger for the Huffington Post. Her articles have been shared on, and in women’s magazines, news outlets, and government publications.

Margaret is a life-long resident of Long Island and has been seen on News12 Long Island addressing workplace wellness issues. She is currently a wellness coordinator for Push Pause on Fios 1 TV and has been on NBC, CBS, and ABC.

She is a past president for Business Networking International, a past area governor for Toastmasters International, and a past executive board member for The National Speaker’s Association in New York City.

Margaret and Chris have been married since 1981 and they are the proud parents of Megan and Michael.

Contact Margaret for personal weight-loss coaching. You can book Margaret for training sessions, to speak at your corporate events, or be a guest on your show. Simply e-mail or call: 516-398-1594.
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