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Get in the Game: A Guide to Winning in Life

Get in the Game: A Guide to Winning in Life

Meet Everyday Jo. Everyday Jo had everything you can desire in life – a great job, a good home, a loving spouse and kids, everything. Then one day, it was all gone. Sound familiar? Everyday Jo experienced loss. And Everyday Jo could be anybody, at anytime, anywhere in the world. Read and experience how Everyday Jo chooses to Get In the Game. See how Everyday Jo is able to take guidance to be successful again, and win in life! And in the end, you will want to experience what Everyday Jo is now experiencing when Everyday Jo simply chose to Get In the Game!

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Simsiman, Daniel M.     Author

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  SEL000000          Self-Help : General
  SEL021000          Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational
  BUS046000          Business & Economics : Motivational

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