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Gary King

Gary King
Motivation Speaker

The Power of Truth — The Happiness Formula:The Ultimate Life Makeover — The
Forgiveness Challenge– The 21 Day Self worth Challenge — Character is Our
Bailout —

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Gary has passionately developed a profound message and travels
internationally 6 months each year speaking to leaders and entrepreneurs and
teen events. His message is timely and riveting on the subject of Character,
Ethics, Integrity and Forgiveness.Gary’s life story is filled with amazing
accomplishments and honors, and the worst unthinkable nightmares, yet he
ventures forward with a heart and soul of a victor. Gary is passionate about
bringing the United States and the world, back to a foundation of Self Worth,
Character and Integrity starting with the public schools. Gary has a passion for
helping returning veterans rise above the overwhelming challenges of PTSD. He
also has a non profit foundation to serve those that are without resources and
in need of emotional support.
Gary King is truly a Renaissance man.

Previous Speaking Gigs

*Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy & Crew
*Global Youth Leadership Summit
*Dublin Prison System
*Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs
*International Translators and Interpreters Convention, Toronto
*Kiwanis and Rotary Events


*The last time Gary speak was with 200 people. This was at a personal
development seninar where 5000 people were in another room with a world famous
speaker & presenter. As I sat and listened to what Gary was saying I
couldn't help but think that those 5000 people were in the wrong room
hearing the wrong message. I believe that oftentimes there is a correct order
and sequence to do things in life and what Gary teaches should be the very first
thing that anybody exploring personal development should learn. Gary's
message has radically altered the way I conduct my own life and what I value to
be important. Thank you, Gary, for doing what you do.
*Gary is heart, soul, mind and strength along with peace, joy, love and wisdom.
He teaches without judgment and pours his wisdom and love into others in a
practical and powerful way. My life and the lives that I expect to touch will
forever be better, in no small part, because of the contributions of a man I am
honored to call friend, Gary King, master of the Happiness Formula. Joseph

* I heard Gary's Happiness Formula presentation and it resonated with the
best parts in me. I had no idea then how profoundly his
presentation and journey would impact my life. . The message of TRUTH,
FORGIVENESS and SELF-WORTH is like a beacon of light that not only
guided me through some of the most challenging times in life, but also
made me a better person coming out of them than going in.  He
has my love and prayer everyday that more and more people will have
the chance to experience his lovingness and wisdom. Ben Chen, Silicon Valley
*The highlight of my crew experience was meeting and getting to know Gary
Gary cares so much about people, his talks are so thought provoking and they
resonate into your daily life.
I have become more aware of my world, the situations and people affecting me and
how I can both change my circumstances and help those around me.
His 24 hour truth challenge is a must and you will want to continue forever
because of the way it makes you feel when you are 100% honest always!
I consider Gary a great friend and healer for this world- one we need so
desperately and the time is NOW to choose Happiness!
Jodi Gearon, Overland Park, KS
*I had the privilege of having Gary King speak about The Happiness Formula at
our annual conference for translators and interpreters in Toronto. We had guests
representing over 30 different cultures, it was a unique experience. His message
is so powerful that attendees felt empowered, inspired and challenged to improve
and be truthful to themselves and others. Gary’s Happiness Formula comes from
years of research and personal experience, it is obvious it comes from his
heart. Gary brings up thought provoking conversations about values such as
integrity, truth, forgiveness, honesty and self-worth; values that are in many
cases misunderstood. Gary’s Happiness Formula raises the standards of any
audience, it is the type of speech people can’t forget about especially
because it carries immediate practical applications. I had the pleasure of
attending a few of Gary’s talks, in every occasion I learn and apply something
new into my life. Gary’s talk should be a must for those interested in raising
their personal standards and extremely valuable for organizations.” Lola


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