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Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison


Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison

About The Book:

Gamification is a general term describing the application of game based thinking, game design techniques, and game mechanics to virtually anything. Lewis Harrison, known as the RealUGuru is the creator of Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory and a master teacher of business strategy and how to prosper even in the most hostile business environment. If you are a successful entrepreneur, a business leader or just getting started this book is a must read.


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About The Author:

Lewis Harrison is a practical philosopher, gamification and game thinking. Since 1970 he has offered seminars, coaching, mentoring  and on-line trainings on business success, game based thinking, human potential, personal development and wealth and success in business with a focus on Zen and Taoist thought. He has worked with Donald Trump and Michael Moore and attended meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations concerning U.S. policy in the Middle East.

In 2007 Mr. Harrison completed a twelve year project resulting in creation of the Harrison’s Applied Game Thinking Process, a practical, ever evolving approach to effectiveness, efficiency and productivity principles – including systems thinking

Mr. Harrison is an "Inspired Data Machine”, a powerful motivator and innovative communicator and has a warm, and compassionate style. His unique ability to obtain even hard to find information, and the ability to explain even the most difficult ideas in humorous and understandable terms has kept him in demand as a speaker and teacher for over 30 years. He is past President of the NSA-Tri-State Speakers Association, and is presently the Director of the Harrison Center for Entrepreneurship and Self Actualization in Stamford, NY.  Learn more about his work at

He is also a bestselling author and Radio Talk Show Host (WIOX Radio, 91.3 FM). He is the author of 22 best-selling books which have been published into five languages including Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Estonian and Hungarian.


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