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Ian Wynne

Ian Wynne Business Speaker Topics: Business Growth, Marketing, Sales, Motivation, Mindset, Innovation Fee Range: $10001-20,000 Speaker Bio:
Ian is a serial entrepreneur and experienced executive who has managed over $1.5 Billion in yearly revenue with global teams and has consulted with Fortune 500 companies all over the world. All while generating over $300 Million Dollars for his clients.
Previous Speaking Gigs
Walmart, BestBuy, Costco, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Testimonials
Jorge Assam says, Ian completely transformed my business, my company now has a brand new revenue stream, generating more money than ever before.
Raoul Davis – Partner at Ascendant Strategy “Ian provides impactful service and innovative solutions. Ian is brilliant, focused, and a fast thinker, the industry’s go-to guy for results.”
Meisa Bonelli, Managing Partner at 5th Avenue Associates “Ian’s flair for bottom-lining strategic initiatives & leveraging your company’s visibility are second to none. If you have the opportunity to speak with Ian about your company’s next step(s), do so.”
Donnie Knips, Co-Founder – HigherXperience “Ian is a phenomenal coach and advisor. The wisdom I received from him is priceless. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”
Aaron Scott Young – CEO of Laughlin Associates “Ian has the ability to help owners making mistakes with time and money and to re-focus them on processes and techniques that increase profits and leverage time.”
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