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Freedom in Every Moment:  Transcending the Struggles of Daily Life by Vincent J. Morello,Ph.D.


Freedom in Every Moment:  Transcending the Struggles of Daily Life by Vincent J. Morello,Ph.D.

About The Book:

'Freedom In Every Moment:Transcending the Struggles of Daily Life' provides a succinct program of  21 spiritual lessons from early to more advanced stages of spiritual development. Each lesson is rooted in a teaching from an Eastern or Western spiritual tradition, which we believe gives this volume broad appeal. Readers learn how to overcome negative thinking and mood states, how to deal with fears and doubts, what their true identity is, and how to find contentment. The lessons contain timeless teachings and exercises to bring the teachings to life on a daily basis.

What is different about this book from other self-help books?  First, it is the topics we have selected, which strike at the heart of the daily struggles of those who seek to uplift their mental and emotional states:  the nature of the mind, overcoming fear, our purpose in life, and uniting with Higher Consciousness.  Second, it is the depth of explanation and information we provide from teachers such as – Lao Tzu, St. Francis, Albert Einstein, among others – and the applicability of the teachings for daily life. Third, it is the types of activities we incorporate, which can make the teachings come alive in minutes per day. Fourth, this book presents a PROGRAM of study; it is not simply a book offering a different teaching each day.  Readers who apply the program are expected to notice concrete changes in reducing stress and uplifting their emotional states. Finally, we have synthesized both spiritual and psychological wisdom in a readily understandable format.

Freedom in Every Moment is targeted to an audience that includes spiritual seekers, psychotherapy and addictions clients, and the general public.  The reader is invited to study a different lesson each day, week, or month. We envision the possibility of a companion workbook, which may be well-suited for persons in addictions recovery centers, for example.


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About The Author:

Dr. Vincent Morello earned a doctorate from the College of Human Development at The Pennsylvania State University in 1983.  He is a licensed psychologist currently employed at Wayne Counseling Center, in Wayne, PA.  He has more than 30 years of professional experience as a psychologist. For many years, he was Director of Berks Psychological Services, a private mental health practice in Wyomissing, PA.  He has trained graduate students and family practice medical residents at Caron Treatment Centers and St. Joseph Medical Center in Berks County, PA. He has taught various undergraduate courses at Neumann University, Albright College, Pennsylvania State University, and West Virginia University. Dr. Morello was Host of the TV Series ‘Not Just Kidding Around’ for over 10 years on Berks Cable Television.  He has published scientific articles in psychology journals and professional magazines. As a Fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, he chaired the Electronic Newsletter Committee, which produces the online newsletter, ‘Psychological News You Can Use,’ for the general public.

Since 1982, he has been a student of a number of enlightened Masters and continues his spiritual studies, including meditation, on a daily basis.


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