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Four Steps to Knowing What You Really Want and Having It with Motivational Press Author Andrea Becky Hanson


Steps to Knowing What You Really Want and Having It

Becky – an author, researcher, speaker and facilitator has 39 years of
experience in multi-cultural, holistic healing studies and training in over 24
countries. As an innovative catalyst for healing and realization of human
potential, she weaves ancient wisdom sciences and leading edge scientific
discoveries into sustainable healing practices.

Bring Andrea Becky Hanson on your show and your listeners
will In an engaging interview, your listeners will hear the little known
steps to knowing what you really want and having it for a more joyous, healthy
and purposeful life. From my integrated, holistic and experiential approach
they will come to understand what is needed for sustainable desired change on
all levels of being…physical, emotional, energetic psychological, spiritual
and environmental. They will come to realize this is an approach that is
empowering, effortless and evolutionary.
I will provide understandable, interactive learning about way what it takes.

schedule an interview with Andrea Becky Hanson, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

Becky Hanson’s Website:


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