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Fear! Extreme athletes on reaching your highest goals and overcoming stress and self-doubt. by Roanne van Voorst


Fear! Extreme athletes on reaching your highest goals and overcoming stress and self-doubt. by Roanne van Voorst

About The Book:

This book features interviews with the world’s best extreme athletes and their coaches on how to overcome fear and self-doubt in stressful situations. Their lessons are valuable for people with all sorts of common fears: flying, public speaking, heights, failure, commitment, rejection, driving a car, taking financial risks or changing career. From self-hypnosis to visualization to rational analyses – the interviewees tested the most effective strategies to overcome anxiety, and share their formula for success in this book.


Alex Honnold – Steph Davis – Lynn Hill – Catherine Destivelle -‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert -Hazel Findlay- Arno Ilgner- Jorg Verhoeven –Dan Goodwin – Don McGrath – Cedric Dumont –Edurne Pasaban – Alexander Schulz – Rebecca Williams – Martin Fickweiler


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About The Author:

Roanne (PhD) is an internationally published author, social scientist, popular public speaker and the founder of Fearlessly Fearful – the bravery platform. She's been doing research on the themes of courage, bravery and (overcoming) fear for nearly a decade. Her humorous and inspiring speaking style has been captivating many different audiences: top-managers and leaders, students, and members of women organisations.

Bring Roanne van Voorst on your show and your listeners will ….how it is possible to overcome fears and live a more courageous, adventurous life. Roanne will speaks about:

– What the difference is between living in a way that is determined by fear, and living in the 'fearlessly fearful' mode.

– Her own experiences of living in the world's most dangerous places: from an ice-cold Inuit hunter’s community to the slums of Jakarta; from the subcultures of extreme athletes, to the basecamps of soldiers, refugees and humanitarians in conflict zones.

– How you can calm yourself down and perform at your best under extremely stressful circumstances

– Try this at home: the simplest scientifically-proven effective methods to overcome fear

Roanne combines a scientific background (she obtained her PhD with honors on risk-coping and dangerous living) with authentic storytelling about her own life and work in the world’s most dangerous environments, and her ongoing, often hilarious experiments for her platform Fearlessly Fearful; where she personally tests new methods to overcome fear and helps people to live more courageous lives.

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