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Fan or Fanatic: The Addiction Nobody Is Talking about

Fan or Fanatic: The Addiction Nobody Is Talking about

Fan or Fanatic dives deep into stadiums, sports bars, living rooms and the souls of sports fanatics, uncovering a mind-boggling addiction that controls the life of the addict as well as many of those in their circle of influence. Sports Addiction really exists and you will be astonished to learn how it is present in every neighborhood, office and school cafeteria across the globe.

Is it really okay for a groomsman to miss his brother’s wedding to watch a football game? Should a 19-year-old receive death threats for missing a potential game-winning shot? Does a beautiful and beloved campus tree deserve to be killed by pouring gasoline on its roots because it rests on a rival’s soil? Odds are someone you love or know would answer yes to one of these questions. Disturbing? Yes. Socially acceptable? Depends on whom you ask.

Sports Addiction may be one of the most overlooked addictions in our culture today. You will be stunned to learn about the sports fanatic’s passion, their obsession, and the shocking violence connected to sports. You will be appalled at how their addiction is unknowingly supported by the addict’s closest family, friends, and peers; and shocked to see the power media and big business has in their lives.

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Melan, Mitch     Author

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  SPO066000          Sports & Recreation : Sociology of Sports
  SEL026000          Self-Help : Substance Abuse & Addictions – General

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