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Everyone Needs to be on a People Diet of their own choosing! with Motivational Press Author Michael Matteo


Everyone Needs to be on a People Diet of their own choosing!

I'm an award winning playwright, screenwriter and author, who has
spent the last decade living “the People Diet.”  In addition to
writing, I'm the ESL Director for an international school and I live in
China.  Each day for me is an adventure and an exercise is living life to
its fullest,and I'd love to share this with your audience

Bring Michael Matteo on your show and your listeners will …
find out what a people diet is, (and know that it has nothing to do with
Jefferey Dahmer)  how it can greatly reduce their stress levels and provide
a common sense approach to all types of relationships.

Listeners will hopefully develop a general understanding that there are numerous
similarities between food and social dieting, and how the people in our lives
can be as helpful or as harmful to our emotional health as the foods we consume
are to our physical health.

People Diets, like food diets, have the same goal: Balance that leads to good
health and overall happiness.  

My approach is a simple formula of humor, common sense, high energy and getting
people to realize that their presence in the lives of others is the greatest
gift that they can bestow upon them, so it's important to contemplate their
own value.  

The book is filled with a series of fun activities and exercises to bring my
points home. (some of which we can do as part of the interview.)

I spent a good deal of time doing radio interviews to promote my other books:
How to Survive the Public School System, The Politically Incorrect Jokebook, and
Romance Recipes for the Soul, so I strive to help people listening to the
programs to have fun, laugh, take something positive away from what I've
discussed, and most importantly improve their lives.  

schedule an interview with Michael Matteo, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

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