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Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith


Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith

About The Book:

The Teen Girls’ Guide to Being SMART is a handbook for pre-teen and adolescent girls to discover how to be socially Savvy, Motivated, Assertive, Respected and Trusted in school, family and other social interactions like dining, travel, recreation, sports and using the Internet. The book begins by affirming that girls are smart and can do anything they set their and minds to, and work hard to achieve.  It will  serve as a compliment to their academic education offering tips, facts and real world examples of social savvy skills and why they are important to being truly successful in today's globally connected world.  

Girls will use the handbook as a fun, creative, interactive resource to gain foundational knowledge and skills to help them build socially savvy, motivation, assertiveness, respect and trust inside and outside of school. In addition, the handbook will include tools, tips, activities and impactful quotations from girls and women they can apply to their everyday life.


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About The Author:

Yasmin Anderson-Smith believes in the power of positive communication, presence and conduct. She is an award-winning consultant, coach, speaker and author who inspires and ignites emerging entrepreneurs, professionals and college students to communicate enduring confidence, credibility and integrity through their image and personal brand. Her seminars, talks and coaching deliver the tools and strategies necessary to sharpen skills in career readiness, workplace excellence, professional development, business etiquette, leadership and personal brand management. Yasmin is co-author of the books, Executive Image Power and The Power of Civility. She is a certified Personal Branding Strategist, image management professional and Workplace Excellence Facilitator.  

Fulfilling her passion to give back to community and make a difference, Yasmin created  the teen life skills empowerment program, Every Girl Can™ in 2007 and founded the non-profit, Every Girl Can Learning Institute, Inc. in 2015. From congress to community, Yasmin has been recognized and awarded for empowering girls to project confidence, embrace civility and develop a positive self-image.


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