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Erik Batoog

Erik Batoog
Metaphysical Speaker

General Wisdom, Psychology, Maturation and Becoming a Man, Teaching, Jesus,
Interpreting Holy Scripture, Perceptions of God

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Currently, Erik Batoog is working on writing his first book, Picking the Path
of YOU: A Christian Centric Guide to Surviving Modern Times (working title).
  Batoog’s writings are a fusion of philosophy, religion, and psychology.
Erik stresses that there is a God and there is life after death. In his book you
will learn that what you do in life matters. Highlighted in Batoog’s writings
is that we are fed ideas and visions of God that apply to groups of people in
certain times and places. He questions if you are learning that which comes from
your group or, instead, you are seeing the world through your own eyes and not
the eyes of another. Finding answers to these questions for yourself can help
you to resolve so many issues in your life.

Erik believes in good and evil, but does not think that they are fixed points in
time and space. He describes good and evil as an ocean with currents; sometimes
the water flows right and sometimes it flows left. The Bible gives Jews and
Christians a manual to both defend themselves against Evil and also support the
Good, but so many people misunderstand it.

Batoog's writings are a statement of the higher workings of the Universe in
the light of Truth, done for a populace that so desperately needs some of

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